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Monday, 5 December 2011

Review: Wicked Game by Mercy Celeste

Wicked Game
by Mercy Celeste

Who doesn't want to get a piece of a hot and successful NFL quarterback? Well there is one girl that doesn't want anything from Jaime Dalton, his childhood nemesis Cass Pendleton.

When Jaime finds himself looking for a personal assistant to help him keep his life in order, the perfect choice falls on his lap. Turns out Cass has been unemployed for a while and who better to come to her rescue than him? He knows he should be safe with her, I mean, no way would she have any interest in him or his money. And he could never be attracted to Cass, right? Right?

Except I've always said there's something behind those kids that fight so much growing up, and when these two are left alone in a beautiful mansion in Miami they discover things about each other they never thought would be true about themselves.

Turns out proper Ms. Pendleton likes to be spanked and told what to do. Who would've thought! And by Jaime Dalton. He's sleek, he's sexy, he's predatory.

Of course we have to throw in a bit of suspense and drama to the mix when photos of their sexcapades go public and his reputation takes a hit.

The story was light even though it deals with BDSM but it was entertaining, even if the heroine was a bit over dramatic at times. And I guess maybe I'm a bit spoiled with my BDSM but I didn't like how they both sort of stumbled upon the knowledge of their preferences and then felt ashamed of it.

The ending was the stuff of soap operas, a bit over done where it wasn't necessary but Jaime redeems himself in the end with flying colors (even though I'll admit I kinda saw it coming). 

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