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Monday, 6 February 2012

ARC Review: The Principal's Office by Jasmine Haynes

The Principal's Office
by Jasmine Haynes
DeKnight # 3

I had met Ms. Haynes at a book signing not too long ago and had been intrigued with her work but didn't have the chance to read any. So, when this book fell on my lap to review, I was happy to get the chance. And as shallow as this sounds, I was fascinated by the cover. It was pretty and it had so much promise; I could not wait to devour it.

A promise well delivered, indeed. This book is full of love scenes that are extremely hot with believable characters, realistic circumstances and even realistic locations. I loved both H/h, their experiences together and I was fascinated with the locations mentioned in this book.

Rachel Delaney, a divorcee, with two teenage sons was not looking for a relationship. However, a body to keep her warm would not be a bad idea. But will fate allow her that? Well, if not, “Law of Attraction” will.

Rand just recently moved to the Bay Area, *cough-my neck of the woods-cough* for a new job. Though he is not looking for a relationship, he is “open” to what fate might bring him.

Meeting by chance not once but three times, this couple decided to give in to fate, as some might call it. They both agreed to a no-strings-attached, booty call relationship. A perfect match as Rand, a sexy, tall, Viking-like man is very comfortable and very experienced with his sexuality and Rachel, though has been married, is on the timid side. She has never tried anything more than vanilla love making and Rand will definitely teach her a thing or two. These two explored everything from different places and positions to voyeurism to exhibitionism with occasional toys included. Hold their explorations aside, this couple also learned of unavoidable feelings for each other that grew from shallow sex dates to something deeper, possibly love?

The romance and build up are not as strong but it’s there. Obviously, the sex scenes were plenty and very kinky.

It is rather, uplifting to see a divorcee of any kind to finally get some. It's a hard predicament when past, family and present relations collide but Ms. Hayes made it easy for readers to understand it. I truly enjoyed this book and recommend it to anyone who is looking for a light, fast paced, kinky read. 

*ARC provided by publisher

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Timitra said...

I LOVE Jasmine Haynes...haven't read this one yet but I will!!!! Great review!!!!!

Shelly said...

Have not read this author but I think I will start with this one. Sounds like a good story. Adding to my wish list.

Sophia Rose said...

I think just that this is an older woman and they've both got needs is an unique premise. Bay Area is my neck of the woods too. *cough, cough* (-;

Thanks for sharing the review!

Jennifer Skully/Jasmine Haynes said...

Thank you for such a wonderful review.

AngelaC said...

Thanks Timitra and Shellly!
@sophia-really? I didn't realize there's a few of us.

@jasmine =D

Anonymous said...

I was captivated by the cover and although I'm only half-way through the book, I find it's originality and sensuality smokin' hot!

AngelaC said...

I agree with you Mindy in all counts.
Did you read the first 2 books?! I've heard those are just as good if not better.
I have set plans to read those next month.