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Thursday 30 August 2012

Battle of the Covers: UK vs USA

Friday Harbor Series 
by Lisa Kleypas

Our Lisa Kleypas month is coming to an end and we didn't want to finish the month without asking for your votes on the battle of the covers.  This time around we'd like to know what you think of the Friday Harbor series.  They are both beautiful covers, but which ones do you like best?

US                                                  UK
US                                                  UK
US                                                  UK


Unknown said...

Def going with the US covers! Both US & UK covers are gawgeous though :)


Kimberly @ Turning the Pages said...

UK covers except for the last one that and the US one are tied.

Mariya said...

They both look pretty much the same to me. Haha! I like the UK covers a tad bit better though! :)

Holly Letson said...

The US covers on the 1st 2 are better. Really like the UK cover on the 3rd one, though.

Krista said...

1. Tie
2. UK
3. US

Maria D. said...

I preferred 2 of the American and 1 UK so I went with the American covers...they are all great though...

Ezinwanyi said...

honestly, both covers are great covers. It hard choosing which I preferred

Emily said...

The US covers get my vote!

kaisquared said...

Both are good but i like the generally softer line of the US covers.