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Sunday, 3 July 2011

Review + Giveaway: Complete Out of the Box series by Kallysten


Out of the Box complete series
by Kallysten
Erotica Romance

(more like 3.5 flaming feathers!)

Kallysten has made a name for herself. As a writer of some hot erotica books, I knew that I would be missing out if I didn’t read any of her work. The Out of the Box series is nothing like what I’ve read before. Each chapter features a different kink that is both intensely hot and alluring. Kallysten gets points for such a creative idea! In the beginning of the book, the chapters are outlined with a chapter title and I had to stop myself from reading down the list because I didn’t want to spoil anything! I wanted to be surprised as I started a new chapter, wondering what Kallysten was going to come up with next!

Out of the Box starts off with Virginia entering, On The Edge, a nightclub and she finds herself in the arms of a sexy vampire named Anando. The books follow Virginia and Anando home where Anando proposes a game. Virginia has to pick something out of a box and that is what they use for the night. The toys in the box vary in intensity and I think Kallysten does a great job of increasing the intensity at a gradual pace.

What I loved about Virginia is that she embraces her sexuality and isn’t afraid to take Anando’s words and make them reality. Anando may be the guy, but I think Virginia has the upper hand in this relationship. I loved her strength and adored the fact that she was pretty fearless throughout this entire thing.

Anando, on the other hand....I’m not sure what to say about him. Sexy doesn’t cover it. There’s this darkly seductive thing he has going on that vampires are known for. But with his minimal words and Virginia’s descriptions of him, there’s no wonder why Virginia felt so strangely attracted to him.

To say the least, Out of the Box is a unique, hot read and fans of vampire erotica need to read about Anando! I’ve already got Will and Aria by Kallysten, so that’s my next erotica read!



Kallysten will be giving away the complete OUT OF THE BOX series to one lucky winner! 

To enter, you must:
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Temperance said...

I have read alitlte of her work. I loved it,It was really great and i cant wait to read more:)
Thank you for the giveaway

IreneRJ said...

Kallysten is a new author to me. the review was very interesting :) I shall have to look out for more.

_yay_ said...

Is the giveaway INT? (if not please kick me off the list) Haven't read a good erotica romance in a while :-). Thanks for the giveaway!!

Nikki said...

This sounds like a sizzling read!! THANKS FOR THE GIVEAWAY!

Anonymous said...

Holy! Glad I found you. Going to find a subscribe by email link. Hugs.
dorcontest at gmail dot com

DANIELA said...

Love vamps... if it is international, please enter me in the giveaway.


June M. said...

Love these giveaways! And all 4 websites working together on this is great. Thank you all for this!

Juana said...

Thanks for the fab giveaway! My favorite book genre is paranormal romance. This book is a keeper I have added it to my book wish list.


HighlandHussy said...

I have one of her books on my nook, I think I'll be reading it soon, now after seeing this :)

Nissie said...

I'm getting ready to start this soon. Sounds great! :)

vamp girl :-) said...

This series sounds intriguing!!!! Luv erotica blended with vampsl!!! Thanks for this awesome giveaway!!!!! ;-)

elaing8 said...

I've never heard of these boks before.
I really enjoyed the review and put these on my TBR list.

Sue said...

great post my fellow kinkbag :)

Aik said...

Thanks for the giveaway!

Megan@Riverina Romantics said...

Awesome review Ann! I'm in love with this series! I'm glad you liked it. I can't wait till the sequel comes out in August! I'm so crazy in love with Kallysten's work that we're doing a whole event based on her the week b4 Aug 20th when the new book comes out.

Madame D said...

Great review babes!!! I love this woman, her work is amazing!!

Greta is Erikasbuddy said...

Sha-weet!! Awesome give-away!!

Jennifer_After_Dark said...

thanks for this sexy giveaway,,

Darkfallen said...

Thanx for this super hotness yummy licktastic givaway!!!

Under the Covers said...

Sorry! I forgot to mention that this giveaway is INTERNATIONAL! So all of you are entered :)

Maria (pronounced Mariah) said...

Vampires and erotica...how did I miss this series?

Julie said...

What a huge and awesome giveaway!! Thanks so much for the chance to win these books :)

jwitt33 at live dot com

Darlene said...

Thanks for the giveaway!

Diana said...

This giveaway is amazing!!! Vampire erotica sounds great.
Thank you.