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Friday, 8 July 2011

Review: The One by Lora Leigh

The One
by Lora Leigh
Erotica Romance

It's kind of hard to give an accurate rating to such a short story! I think I finished this one in about an hour and a half. However, after that short period of time I might've needed a change of panties! LMAO

The story is set basically on a farm, Jase's family farm. His father had married Brenna's mother and basically raised Brenna as his own, even after her mother died. But Jase never really saw her as his little sister. He has wanted her since she turned eighteen, but always held himself back.

Now, after his father's death, she is forced to come back to the ranch for the summer as a clause on the will so she could turn over the ranch to Jase.

She has had feelings for him one way or another since she was 10. He's always been the one for her, and she waited for him to notice her. But she's been rejected by him one too many times and want to close that chapter in her life forever.

But as soon as she comes back to the ranch sparks fly immediately between them, and he can't deny any longer his hunger.

There is nothing else happening in this story. It is extremely short. So just look for it to give you a few heart palpitations.


leisa said...

I love Lora Leigh's books...I cannot seem to find this one but I won't give up..I just got a Kindle so I will keep trying...Thanks for the review..

Under the Covers said...

Hi Leisa, actually Amazon has it more expensive and so not worth the money 'cuz it's a short book.

Try this link (don't know if they are compatible with Kindle though)
Ellora's Cave

leisa said...

I will try it....Thank you!!