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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Review: Torn Between Two Brothers by Cathryn Fox

Torn Between Two Brothers
by Cathryn Fox
(Wicked Reads # 3)
Erotica Romance

I'll take just a second to explain that Wicked Reads is not a series, is merely a collection of short stories by the Wicked Writers.  The order is just based on publication date.  We will be bringing you reviews for some of the other stories in this series throughout the month.  And now.... my thoughts on this one.
Wow! Some girls just get all the luck! Lauren has been dating Adam for 18 months. He is the perfect guy in almost every way, their sexual chemistry is amazing, and she really has nothing to complain about. Well, except for the fact that he's a doctor and is away all week and she only gets to see him on the weekends. Could that be enough for her?

Except Adam has other plans for her. She hasn't met his brother Garreth yet, but Garreth knows all about her. Adam is in love with her, she is the one, he wants to keep her. But he also wants to share her. And not just for one night. But what would be the best way to ask her to be in a relationship with both? That they can both love her and please her?

Short, incredibly hot and sexy, with some extremely hot and sexy guys that are so different from each other but can love her in two completely different ways, and together fulfill all her desires.