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Saturday, 4 August 2012

Amazon Deals!

Blooded by Amanda Carlson
99 cents - This is the prequel novella to the Jessica McClain series. It's an awesome series with a kickass heroine with some snark! Annie and Suzanne really enjoy this series!

Enclave by Ann Aguirre
$2.99 - Congrats to Ms. Aguirre for the RITA win! Annie has only read her sci-fi series, Sirantha Jax, but maybe this should be something we look into!

Red-Headed Stepchild by Jaye Wells
99 cents - Annie adores this series! Love Sabina Kane and her demon sidekick, Gighul and her sexy mancy, Adam! So sad to see the series come to an end after five spectacular books, but now you can experience it yourself for a low price!

The following books are all by R.L. Mattewson. Her books, though now cheap will be increasing in price very soon so be sure to snatch them while they are still 99 cents. Be warned though, Suzanne loves this author's work and she got quite addicted to the books ;P

A Neighbor From Hell series
Playing For Keeps by R.L. Matthewson
Perfection by R.L. Matthewson

Pyte/Sentinel series
Tall, Dark & Lonely by R.L. Matthewson
Without Regret by R.L. Matthewson
Tall, Dark & Heartless by R.L. Matthewson 

A Reclusive Heart by R.L. Matthewson

Sudden Response by R.L. Matthewson

Happy Reading!!!