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Sunday 12 August 2012

ARC Review: Beneath a Rising Moon by Keri Arthur

Beneath A Rising Moon
(Ripple Creek #1)
by Keri Arthur

People are dying and the killer is still on the loose. Neva Grant wants nothing more than to catch this killer, but with her twin sister, Savannah in critical condition in the hospital, Neva must do this alone.

The number one suspect is the Sinclair pack. Silver hair is found on the bodies and the Sinclair pack are known for their moon-colored coats. But in order for Neva to get close enough to investigate, she must seduce the most notorious wolf in the clan – Duncan Sinclair.

Duncan is a man legendary for his prowling sensuality and attitude. He is a dominant in and out of bed, and that irks Neva a bit because she isn’t used to submitting. Submitting to a man as dominant as Duncan can be a dangerous thing. Yet Neva cannot deny her body when Duncan proposes that they become dance partners for this particular moon cycle. Neva agrees, but soon finds out that denying Duncan of what he wants can cause a lot of problems in her life.

Keri Arthur writes wolves so well. She captures the animalistic nature of them and the prowling sensuality that makes them so intriguing and desirable. She also manages to grasp the importance of power in the pack and in each individual wolf. As I said earlier, Duncan is a dominant and while he can act like a jerk sometimes, his arrogance also fits her wolfish personality well. In a community where power is the most important thing, a “nice” wolf probably wouldn’t cut it.

Neva and Duncan clash heads, but it’s such an enjoyable thing to read because even though they argue, there’s that underlying tendril of lust that is undeniable. The sex scenes are so frequent and steamy that half the time I thought I was reading a werewolf erotica. However, the actual sex scenes are not detailed enough to fit into that category. Arthur just writes really sexually-charged scenes and I’m not complaining.

I enjoyed the mystery aspect of this book a lot. It definitely pulled the plot forward and I liked the way that Duncan and Neva formed a truce in order to find the killer. I’m a major fan of stories where the protagonists clash at first, but then agree on a truce in order to work something out. It just shows how well they can work together.

I’ve got the next book, BENEATH A DARKENING MOON next on my reading pile. Can’t seem to resist these sexy wolves!

*ARC provided by NetGalley
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Timitra said...

I love shifters...adding this book to my wishlist-thanks Ann!

Unknown said...

This one sounds really good. Adding it to my list. Thanks.