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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Review: Because You Tempt Me by Beth Kery

Because You Tempt Me
by Beth Kery
(Because You Are Mine # 1)

This has to be a mini review because it was only two chapters but here it goes.  When I first heard about this series I knew I had to read it.  # 1 The heroine's name is Francesca, so hellloooooooo MUST READ! # 2 I loved the concept how the whole story would actually be released every Monday in tidbits.

So 7/31 comes around I waited until about 1am and got the first book.  Of course I finished it before going to bed.  And here's what I thought.

I think the author did an amazing job at whetting my appetite for this story with the short amount of words I actually got in this first installment.  It is only about two chapters long and we are just introduced to the characters and their first meeting.

Francesca is an artist.  She has been picked by a billionaire to do an art piece that will be displayed at a building he owns.  He's throwing a party in her name.  But he's never met her.  Francesca is the mousy type of heroine, which is usually not my favorite.  Seems like she was lacking a backbone that I'm hoping to see developed as the story goes along.  She is immediately smitten with Ian.  And he is in return.

Ian wasn't planning on even stopping by or meeting Francesca but one look changed his whole night.  Sparks were flying almost instantly.  Ian IS my type of hero.  At least the mysterious, successful, man in charge and powerful, alpha male, that I love to read about.

A few things I have come away with from reading this short story... I'll never look at fencing the same way, I wish I could paint, and I need to go find my own sexy Ian!  On that note...damn Ms. Kery for stopping this installment right where it was getting good.  Next Monday seems so far away!  But I have to have more!
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Anonymous said...

I think reading this novella series is going to be like crack. If Kerry keeps ending each installment like she did with this one, then I know I will be itching to read the next one. Wasn't Ian's time in his closet hot? I agree, fencing never seemed hot but after this book....wow.

Sophia Rose said...

What a fun idea for a serial! Sounds like an interesting series.

Under the Covers said...

@Cimmaron OMG I agree with everything you just said! It will be like crack with endings like that! And yes, mmmmm HOT! :)

@Sophia Rose, I agree it's such a great idea to release the series in parts. Keeps readers wanting more! IE Cimmaron's comment ;)