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Friday, 3 August 2012

Review: Breathe by Kristen Ashley

by Kristen Ashley
(Colorado Mountain # 4)

Chace is now the town hero after helping expose the Carnal PDs corruption, but he doesn't feel like a hero and he can't get over the guilt of his wife's murder. When Faye, a woman he has wanted for years, keeps popping into his life he pushes her away, he doesn't deserve her after all the things he has done. But after her sweet unpractised kiss and seeing her upset he can no longer resist innocent allure.

I have been waiting for Chace Keaton and Faye Goodknight's book for what seems forever! But it was well worth the wait. From reading the previous books in this series I wanted to know more about Chace, after spending so long pretending to be a dirty cop and trapped in to a sham marriage to a woman he hated I finally wanted to see him getting what he deserved. Faye, the town librarian, shy, quiet, beautiful and has been in love with Chace since she was 16 was not only perfect for him but is one of my favourite heroines. Another reason I love Faye, she CLEARLY has amazing taste, anyone who loves Firefly and Battlestar Gallactica the best programmes EVER is automatically AWESOME.

This book is mainly sweet romance, watching Chace and Faye getting closer and closer, but there is also an ever present threat from the people who had Chace's wife killed which adds a tiny bit of suspense to the story. And I also have to mention Malachi, the homeless boy they are trying to help, it pulls at all the heart strings and helps bring Chace and Faye together whilst also adds something extra to the story.

I loved this book, it is one of my favourites this year, it has everything I love in a book, a romance I can connect with, some steamy sex and a bit of suspense. 

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Kathleen O said...

I have never read any books by this author before, but Kristen Ashley's Breathe sounds like a good place to start.

mepamelia said...

Love love love this book. Love this author too and it's thanks to THIS blog that I started reading her after your review of "Knight" piqued my interest. (Endless thanks to you all for that!)
@ Kathleen O: if you start with this book you will MISS OUT on a lot that sets things up and makes this book even better. You might want to start with the first in this series "The Gamble" then the follow ups "Sweet Dreams" and "Lady Luck". Of course, if you start with "Breathe" you will likely get hooked on Kristen Ashley like so many of us! Enjoy!

Timitra said...

Great review Suz!

germae said...
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germae said...

Breathe would be, by far, my favorite in the Colorado Mountain series mainly because KA suggested in the author's note to listen to two awesome songs that was used perfectly in the book that until now I still get good shivers while listening to them. [Those songs would be Ella Mae Bowen's Hold out for a Hero and Dobie Gray's Drift Away]. Also, Faye is geeks out over almost the exact same things as things as I do although I don't really bleed my geeky interests over to my conversations with other people when I'm pissed. Her comparison of Darth Vader to Chace's dad was pretty hilarious though. "There's no Anakin in you, Trane Keaton!!!"

It would be grate if you read the first 3 books too because it kinda sheds more light into the back story of the other pairs that are already together during the setting of the book.