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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Review: West of Want by Laura Kaye

West of Want
by Laura Kaye
(Hearts of the Anemoi # 2)

Ms. Kaye surprised me with this brilliant love story. Though I missed North of Need, I feel like I did not miss a thing. This book is well written with full background details and well developed characters. I actually was doubtful at first but as circumstances as they are, I took a chance. I’m glad I did as now I have another series and author to follow.

Ms. Kaye starts out the book with a bit of suspense that kept me turning the pages nonstop. And the ongoing story of love, betrayal, family drama with the background of Greek mythology kept me interested throughout the book.

Zephyros Martius, Supreme God of the West Wind Guardian of Spring and one if the four Cardinal Anemoi had nothing but heart ache in the past but not without doubt that a few were brought on by his jealous brother Eurus, Supreme God of the East Wind and Harbinger of Misfortune. And yes, he can bring misfortune among other things. After another heart ache, Zeph took his frustrations out by storming through the seas. Unfortunately, he was not by himself and unintentionally bumps into a 32 feet True Blue. An encounter that will change him forever.

Marcella Raines is not without a painful past. She had recently lost her twin brother and a failed marriage before that. But hands down to this heroine, she’s not one to fold over to hardship. In the midst of chaos, her response was "Is that all you got? Well, fuck you. Fuck you and the cloud you blew in on!..." and after all that chaos she still got up for more.

Zeph was a very emotional hero, though he’s a powerful God, he’s not one to maintain his emotions and this just got him in all kinds of trouble. He's not my favorite hero but he is perfect for Ella. Because of their similar past, they complimented and understood each other. And Zeph's instant attraction and obsession with Ella was definitely romantic. But what I love most was the interaction of all the Gods in this book. Their interactions were full of drama as expected from the Greek Gods. Overall, the romance was great, H/h were great, sub-characters were great and story was great. Another great read. 

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Maria D. said...

Thanks for the review - I can't wait to read this story

Timitra said...

Great review Angela...can't wait to read this book/series!

Under the Covers said...

thanks ladies. I will work on North of Need before the 3rd book comes out.