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Friday 10 August 2012

Review: Where's My Hero? by Lisa Kleypas, Julia Quinn & Kinley MacGregor

Where's My Hero?
by Lisa Kleypas, Julia Quinn & Kinley MacGregor
#2.5 Gamblers

I love the idea of this anthology, short stories about secondary characters from other books getting their HEAs. I find I end up loving a well drawn secondary character almost as much as the main ones so I thought this was a fabulous idea!

Against the Odds by Lisa Kleypas

This novella was the reason I was so eager to read this anthology, I am a huge fan of Lisa Kleypas, and Dreaming of You is one of my favourite books, so seeing a novella that has my book husband Derek Craven in it had me very excited. Lydia, is Derek and Sara's daughter and like her father she is very mathmatically minded but also very sensible and makes decisions using her head and not her heart. But, could this be the right thing to do when chosing a husband?

Although short I did really enjoy this. With a relatively small number of pages Lisa Kleypas created a likable hero and heroine who had explosive chemistry and deep feelings for one another. And, it was not only great to see a new romance blossom, but also to see Sara and Derek 20 years later and still just as much in love. If you are a fan of Lisa Kleypas this is a must read, and if you haven't read her before this is a nice taster.

Midsummer's Knight by Kinley MacGregor aka Sherrilyn Kenyon

Before I start this review properly I should warn you that I am not really a fan of Sherrilyn Kenyon's writing style, and that is the main problem I have with her books and unfortunately this book was no different. I liked the idea of two people falling in love through letters and then finally coming face to face, it was very sweet, but, as I always do, I found the writing over the top and a little cheesy.

If you are a fan of Sherrilyn Kenyon/Kinley MacGregor though you will love this book, and you shoudl definietly read it, even as someone who isn't a fan I still liked reading it, but I did find myself a little relieved when it ended.

A Tale of Two Sisters by Julia Quinn

I love a good Julia Quinn book! She can write the most amusing light hearted banter and sweet romances, making her books so readable that I find I have finished them before I have even realised I have begun! A Tale of Two Sisters is very much the same, a funny smart girl and a sightly wicked but essentially nice guy who fall in love with eachother. If this were a full length novel I would have a few issues with how quickly they managed to fall in love, but as it was a novella I find that it is much easier to forgive.

A great quick read that will have you chuckling to yourself!