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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Review: Dare Me by Lexxie Couper

Dare Me
by Lexxie Couper
(Red Hot Weekend)

This short story is part of the Red Hot Weekend collection of short stories by Samhain (which includes Hidden Fire by Jess Dee and Lone Heart by Delilah Devlin).  All three are currently available as individual ebooks and will be released as a combined print anthology December 4, 2012.  This particular story is also a follow up story to TRIPLE DARE which is part of the Red Hot Winter collection of short stories.  So if you're a stickler for reading in order, read that short first then this one.  I didn't.  But I'll rectify that soon!

We find ourselves at the wedding of Joseph and Anna, from TRIPLE DARE.  The best man, Rob, has recently left the hospital were he was being treated for a brain tumor.  But truth is he wasn't supposed to be out and partying.  And his doctor, Emily Knox, went after him to make sure he was ok.

Of course there's always been a little spark between the two and now that Rob has her in his home turf he plans on taking full advantage of that.

For such a short story this was very emotional and dealing with such a real issue, you can't help but root for Rob the whole time.  Even with his smooth talker and risk taker ways.  You can tell he is a man that is not used to being denied anything but there's also been a change in him, even though I can only imagine how he used to be.  What he's been through has definitely affected him and made an impact on his life and how he sees himself.  Rob and Emily get together pretty fast but knowing that there was quite a bit of history between them made me jump right on board with it.

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Taryn @MySecretRomance said...

This is another I need to check out by Lexxie. Thanks for the review!

Maria D. said...

Good review! And yes Emily and Rob having a history of sorts does make their eventual relationship work out smoother for me as a reader:)

Under the Covers said...

Thanks girls!