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Monday 9 July 2012

Review: Darkness Devours by Keri Arthur

Darkness Devours
by Keri Arthur
(Dark Angels # 3)

Keri Arthur kicks things in high gear with the latest installment of the Dark Angels series! DARKNESS DEVOURS is smart, sexy and full throttle! Risa Jones is half-werewolf and half Aedh so she has a ton of skills and abilities in her repertoire. It makes her both lethal and cunning. Paired with her sword, Amaya and her own personal sword-weilding, half-naked sexy reaper, Risa’s also got the people to back her up when things get rough.

The vampire council requires her expertise and this time, Risa has her own possible execution lingering over her head. Added to that is the fact that there is someone killing off blood whore-addicted vampires. Risa pulls some strings and calls in her ex, Jak Talbott, a reporter to help her uncover truths better left buried. As Jak walks back into her life, Risa is once again reminded of her time with him. Pleasant memories are washed away when she remembers his betrayal. But despite the bitter taste in her mouth, Risa can’t deny that Jak still has that charm.

What I love about this series is that Risa has a bunch of men in her life but not one of them is perfect for her. Each of the guys – Jak, her ex, Lucian, her lover, and Azriel, her reaper are all involved in her life somehow but they are simply not compatible for her. Perhaps if they were all rolled into one person then she would have her perfect match, but Risa isn’t really lucky this time around. It keeps things interesting.

However, readers finally get what they’ve been hopelessly wishing for. Azriel is very much a part of this book and I absolutely loved each moment with him. I loved that he shows a little more amusement and humor. But of course, the fact that he reveals his feelings is the best part.
Look at me.” 

This time, the demand in his voice was undeniably and I found my gaze rising almost against my will. My breath caught somewhere in my throat. 

Because there in the blue of his eyes was a desire so stark and raw it burned my very soul. 

“You cannot deny this, Risa,” he said softly. “You cannot deny us.” 

As usual, Keri Arthur does not hold back. Everything in this series is no-holds-barred – the action, the sex. It’s a series that shines against the plethora of Urban Fantasy series out there today and one that remains as my top favorites on my shelf. I can’t wait for DARKNESS HUNTS!
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