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Friday, 6 July 2012

Review: Jack by Cat Johnson

by Cat Johnson
(Red, Hot & Blue # 2)

I had a soft spot for Jack since the first book when we saw him getting his heart broken by his long time crush.  Then his brother was in a pretty life and death situation and Jack's team finally rescued him.  So after all that Jack goes back home.  Other than being a military men, he's also a cowboy.  Ohhhh the perfection!

Nicki is actually the daughter of a mobster and she's been on the run and hiding for a while.  What better place to hide than as a farm hand for Gordon Equine.  But then she starts falling for Jack.

I have to say this book was a bit light on everything.  The connection between Jack and Nicki was there and sweet, however the suspense element was almost non-existent really in this story.  And then there's the sexual frustration you will probably get reading this.  Jack, my poor sexy cowboy, got nothing but blue balls.  But that's ok, it did work out with the story that they took their time.  I just wish maybe the story would've been a little longer and we would've seen them getting together at least once.

I guess I'm a bit disappointed because I expected an over the top wonderful HEA for Jack and it was a very low key romance.  I'm not sure I think Jimmy is ready to get his book next, but lets bring it!  I can't wait to read about this tortured hero.

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