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Friday, 13 July 2012

Review: The Naked Duke by Sally MacKenzie

The Naked Duke
by Sally MacKenzie
(Naked Nobility # 1)

Although this book did have some good bits and some humorous situations and dialogue, I can't rate it more then a 3 feathers, as for me it was just a bit average; I didn't hate it and I didn't love it and I will probably forget about it fairly quickly.

Everyone was very pleasant in it and it was very lighthearted, I was hoping it would be a it like Julia Quinn's style of romance; humorous and romantic and with no real angst in it. However, it was no where near as good. The hero James, the Duke of Alford (the Naked Duke of the title!) seemed a bit lecherous most of the time, all he seemed to be thinking about was the quickest way to see the heroines breasts! For me it wasn't very romantic, they didn't seem to have a single conversation where he wasn't talking about getting her naked. There was also a slight discordant note to this book, as one minute you are reading light hearted banter and the next it cuts to a scene where his evil cousin rapes and strangles (simultaneously) a girl, which just completely threw me off!

But it was a light, easy read which although I may not seek another book out I would pick it up if it showed up in my library. 

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