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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Review: Willow Springs by Toni Blake

3.5 Feathers
Willow Springs
by Toni Blake
(Destiny # 5)

Shy Amy Bright is the town matchmaker and has helped her friends on their path to romance, but at 34 years old it seems like it is a case of "Always the bridesmaid, never the bride". But one drunken kiss with her best friend Logan Whitaker changes everything and Amy can't stop thinking about him in a new, and thrilling way, could it be the man she is destined to love is also her best friend?

This is the first book I have read of Toni Blake's and I really enjoyed it! Although this is the fifth in the Destiny series you don't actually need to read the previous four books to understand what is happening, although it would probably enrich the book as you would know all the side characters and perhaps Amy and Logan a bit better.

Amy and Logan had their good and bad points, Amy was a bit of a doormat and Logan seemed pretty oblivious to her feelings, not the greatest combination. And although I liked them both individually, as a couple I wasn't really feeling the romantic connection, it still just seemed like they were friends.

But, although I wasn't completely convinced by the romance, I did really like this book. The writing was great, the characters were all really well fleshed out, even the side characters I fely like I knew even though I haven't read the other books.

However, one AWESOME aspect of the book was the name of Amy's bookshop UNDER THE COVERS , what a fantastic name, it reminds me of a certain AMAZING blog LOL!

A great read and I will definitely be looking for more of Toni Blake's books. 

*ARC provided by publisher

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Landry Breaux said...

Thanks for the review, Suz. You've convinced me to check this books at!

Kathleen O said...

I have read all of Toni Blakes books and I love her "Destiny" series.. I have Willow Springs on my tbr shelf and am looking forward to reading it..

Taryn @MySecretRomance said...

This is a great review. I have all of these books but haven't read them yet. I Toni's other books so I'm sure I'll love this series too.

Maria D. said...

Good review Suz! I love Toni Blakes's books and in a strange coincidence just got this in the mail from my book club...lol