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Monday, 2 July 2012

Stephanie Laurens Title Challenge


My editor, my agent, and I usually manage between us to come up with decent titles, but this time we're all titled out. So we've decided to hand it over to you, my readers, to see if you can come up with two fabulous titles for my next two books - those of the last two Cynster sisters yet unwed, Henrietta and Mary.

Click on the links at the end of this paragraph to go to each challenge page where all is explained - briefly, titles get submitted for a week, then finalists are selected and voted on the next week - and if you submit one of the titles that, at the end of the voting round, is chosen by popular acclaim, you will be acknowledged on the Acknowledgements page in the respective book. This is your chance to have your name in print at the beginning of one of my books. Interested? Check it out and enter - but be quick! The first round of suggesting titles lasts for just a week - and please note you can enter only one title per book, so make it your best. First round ends July 6 (5:00 pm US-EST), and voting on the finalists, separately for each book, begins July 10. 

Further details on the Challenge pages. Open to all readers globally. 

To learn more and enter >
for Henrietta's book click HERE
and for Mary's book click HERE
And don't forget to return to vote after July 10 (voting closes July 16).