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Saturday, 6 October 2012

Review: Silver's Chance by Billi Jean

Silver's Chance
by Billi Jean
Sisters of the Moon #2

Samantha is on the hunt for her twin sister Susannah and when she is given a tip, the last thing she expects to see is a Lykae bolted to a wall. But Derrick has been a prisoner for centuries and when Samantha comes and frees him, he can't believe that the female who has freed him from his torment is also his mate. But Samantha is determined to keep them apart, she is on the hunt for her sister and can't let her sexy Lykae distract her.

As soon as I saw the word sexy and lykae in the blurb of this book, I was all over it, some people love their vamps, but my fetish is for the hairier variety of paranormal critter, the werewolf! And I wasn't disappointed, Derrick was hot, Scottish and 100% possessive alpha male, I loved him! Samantha was also a good heroine and although she will never be a favourite she was still fun. The chemistry between them was hot as well, the sex scenes in this book were some of the best bits.

What was also great was how action packed Silver's Chance, they reeled from fight to fight, keeping the pace of the story fast and interesting. The reason I didn't rate this higher was because although it was an enjoyable read it wasn't that much different from other PNR books that I have read, and it escpecially reminded me of A Hunger Like No Other by Kresley Cole, so although I liked it whilst I was reading it, it isn't something that I will remember in a few books time.

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Sophia Rose said...

I had this one on my wish list for the same reasons- love a shifter romance. I'm glad its a decent read.


Maria D. said...

Good review - I enjoyed this when I read it:)

Timitra said...

This sounds good-thanks Suz!