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Friday 20 April 2012

Review: Diamond Heart by Ann Mayburn

Diamond Heart
by Ann Mayburn

Rowan Belmont has once again fallen on hard times. After finding her cheating fiancée in bed with her best friend, she decides to leave and go to San Francisco to stay near her sister. But luck isn't with her, her purse has been pickpocketed leaving her with no money and no key to her hotel room. But perhaps her luck is about to change when the handsome and well dressed Marcel Champlain offers her his assistance.

This was such a sweet little story, Marcel was like a knight in shining armour helping a rather prickly but beautiful damsel in distress. In fact the only problem with Marcel was that he was too perfect! He was the ideal man personified, caring, sweet, sexy, patient, amazing with his tongue... What girl is able to resist that? Although Rowan gives it a good go, even she melts. I found myself really liking Rowan as well, she seems to put up lots of barriers but once you get to know her life story you can't help but sympathise.

This was a great little romance, and although only a novella the connection between the characters was obvious and I found myself fully engrossed in the story, sad when it ended, and I now can't wait to read more of Ann Mayburn's writing.

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