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Thursday 19 April 2012

Review: Want by Ann Mayburn

by Ann Mayburn

WANT was such a satisfying read. I always love reading Ann’s writing. Eloquent and easy-to-read, she makes her books so easy to devour.

Construction foreman Cody McPherson has always had a thing for Sam Denham, but has done nothing about it. Until now...

When he finds out that Sam has signed up for a dating service looking for a man that fits his description, Cody takes this as a sign and opportunity to make his move.As they are paired up on this blind date, Sam soon realizes that Cody is exactly the kind of guy he is looking for.

WANT is a scorching hot read that will make your toes curl and require another change of panties! If you’re looking for a hot quickie, then you can definitely rely on Ann Mayburn to give you the heat you are looking for.

I only felt that the epilogue was a bit rushed towards the end, but overall, this book gets two thumbs up from me because of the bond between Sam and Cody. A very sweet read.

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Timitra said...

Thanks for the heads up on this one Ann it sounds good!

Neyra said...

I'm a little weary of this book, though it sounds great. I've never read M/M Romance of ANY kind, which explains my hesitance *.* Great review though :)

Unknown said...

I love the cover! That look is so intense! I have seen many of Ann's books, but just haven't gotten any yet. I will be changing that today!

Ann Mayburn said...

Thank you for the lovely review! I'm so glad you enjoyed it, I've always had a soft spot(or would that be a hot spot) for 'gay for you' stories. The idea of loving someone so much that gender isn't an issue is, to me, very romantic.

Neyra- I'd actually recommend this as a good 'first M/M' read. There isn't any 'we hate women' or anything like that, the story is short and sweet with an HEA, and the guys are hot. ;)

Mel- I hope you enjoy it!

Francesca said...

Hope you enjoy it, Timitra!

Neyra, I actually just rec'd this book to a friend who has never read M/M romance before. This is only 40 or so, so I think it's a good intro into it. Gives you a little taste of what it's like :)

Hey Mel, I hope you get the chance to try Ann's stuff. It's really great!

Hi Ann! Thanks for stopping by! I love m/m stories so I hope you keep writing them.


Anonymous said...

Not only is Ann a wonderful and creative writer, I know for sure she is also a really great lady in person. She real life story of 'taking the bull by the horns and just WRITING!' inspires me, and her writing never, ever fails to entertain.

Hope you ladies love this story (or any of Ann's other Decadent Publishing work! It's not all m/m!).

Francesca said...

Yes, I agree. Ann is great and last night I read The Breaker's Concubine. Hawt.