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Saturday 29 September 2012

ARC Review: Death's Rival by Faith Hunter

Death's Rival
(Jane Yellowrock #5)
by Faith Hunter

The impossible has occurred. Vampires are now victims in a plague that is stretching across Seattle and Sedona. More and more vampires are being taken down due to this outbreak. This shouldn’t happen. Vampires should be immune to disease, and yet Jane Yellowrock gains further proof that curse is spreading as she sees the deterioration in people who should be eternally resilient. Sent in to investigate, Jane Yellowrock is placed right in the center of it all. Added to that is the fact that now she finds herself working for Leo Pelliser, the Vampire Master of New Orleans. In a sudden and very high threat, Jane is placed right in the center of the action when someone looks to take over Leo’s land. War is coming and Jane knows what she will be doing – she will fight to the bitter end.

DEATH’S RIVAL is book five in the Jane Yellowrock series. Expert storytelling makes this book a very easy read. So tightly-written and perfectly-paced, Hunter gives readers no excuse to gobble this right up.

Readers get a more in-depth look into Jane’s personal history. Her skinwalker identity makes her unique. With a Beast inside her, Jane has another weapon in her arsenal. But this weapon is also her weakness. Her memories are frayed and putting the pieces together is much more difficult than she anticipated. I loved reading about this side of her. It makes Jane feel more down-to-earth, more vulnerable, more real.

 Hunter showcases her talent as a storyteller as she expertly weaves a story that is action-packed and smoothly written. There is plenty to action to keep readers satisfied yet, Hunter knows when to slow down and give readers a chance to breathe and take in events. There were no slow moments in this book, nothing that could be taken out because it was frivolous. Everything inside this book needed to be there and that’s a true testament to Hunter’s writing. This book is compacted with suspense, secrets and shocking events!

Fans who enjoy Patricia Briggs’ novels will surely find Jane Yellowrock and her world enjoyable. With her Cheerokee heritage, her Beast prowling just beneath the surface and the action that Hunter brings forth, readers will find a new heroine to wish they were friends with!

*ARC provided by publisher