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Monday, 1 October 2012

ARC Review: Highlander Reborn by Laura Hunsaker

Highlander Reborn
by Laura Hunsaker

Describe HIGHLANDER REBORN in three words
Angela: Engaging. Primal. Tease

Annie: Temptation. Mysterious. Magical

Laura Hunsaker fuses together her take on vampire mythology with highlander yumminess. What are your thoughts on this?

Annie: Laura puts together two of my favorite things- vampires and highlander. But she does it in a way that is unique and engaging. I wanted to know what Nevin would do when faced with this transformation that he never wanted. Paired with the fact that he is a vampire and a highlander only makes him more interesting...and tempting.

Angela: I thought it was a great idea. The combination of a great warrior as the hero from the highland era with a vampire heroine with a royalty background worked well. I was entranced with Amalia and Nevin's fate to be together despite of their social status.

Readers may want to know... How did you think the book progressed especially since its a short novella?

Annie: I like Laura's voice. It's very concise which makes reading a novella by her enjoyable. HIGHLANDER REBORN is tightly-written and had a believable romance that bloomed wonderfully despite Nevin's initial restraint. I thought that the author created an interesting conflict that was character based but still made it so that Nevin realized he has fallen for Amalia at a pace reader's would believe and accept. That being said, it would be nice to see more from them if future books allow.

Angela: I am not a writer in the least but I have to appreciate the work that is put into any book, short or regular length. However, I am a reader and a reviewer. I want to be honest and say that this novella was not enough for me. I felt Nevin's refusal of his lust and hatred for Amalia to switch to love was a bit fast for me. I do consider that this is a short story and there really isn't enough time for Laura to show that. But after reading this book, I felt very needy for more.

Okay, so this book has a pretty hot panty-melting cover! What were your initial thoughts when you saw it!

Annie: Laura brought me behind the scenes so I got a secret peek at the cover before everything was decided but the first thing I told her when I saw the drafts was, " You picked good, girl. The guy is smokin' " And then I so eloquently expressed that, "I want to sit on his face". Which made Laura spew out her Coke.  That man just does something bad to my ovaries. Also, I'm a fan of the green kilt!

Angela: Well, I have to say that I have been stalking (not really) this model via his photographer Jenn Leblanc. I have seen him as an elf, semi naked, in the lake, dripping wet, as a highlander, etc. I actually saw these proofs before from Jenn and when I saw it on FB for Laura's Book, I was super excited. This guy can rock a book cover and I would read a book just by seeing him in front of it. 

*ARC provided by author