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Monday, 1 October 2012

Review: Futures and Frosting by Tara Sivec

Futures and Frosting
by Tara Sivec
(Chocolate Lovers # 2)

After a few months of moving in with the love of her life and the father of her child, Claire is blissfully happy. I mean yeah his snoring drives her to the brink of murder and finding his best friend passed out drunk on her sofa far more frequently then she would like drives her a little insane, but they are mature adults right? They can move past these obstacles and find their happily ever after, no well meaning but crazy friends, bizarre family members or fake porn addictions can tear apart their relationship...

I blame this book ENTIRELY for my reputation at work for being a crazy person! For example this is an actual conversation I had in my head whilst I was reading this at work:

Sane Suzanne: Must not laugh, must not laugh, must not laugh..
*gargled laughter noise*
Paranoid Suzanne: What the HELL is that bitch looking at!
Sane Suzanne: Maybe I shouldn't read this book in public..must not laugh..
Id Suzanne: Fuck um! Read on...you know you want to, just one more chapter...
*shuffles round in seat to disguise the crazy muttering*
Paranoid Suzanne: Was she staring at me AGAIN! Has she nothing better to do...
Sane Suzanne: Must not laugh, must not laugh, must not laugh
*smoother laughter, ends up making a snorty laughter noise, not dissimilar from a asthmatic pig*
Id Suzanne: Who cares what they think, this book is sooo good, read some more...c'mon you know you want to hear what Gavin will say next....
Sane Suzanne: Must... Stop... Reading....smoother laughter SMOOTHER LAUGHTER
*more asthmatic pig noises and some shuffling to hide face behind kindle*
Paranoid Suzanne: God she is looking and whispering with her friends now damnit why are they laughing at me, WHY?WHY ARE THEY LAUGHING!
Sane Suzanne: Right back away slowly from the kindle... And NO don't bitch slap her, remember you NEED this job, back away back away....

This conversation lasted the whole hour, don't get me wrong, it has its advantages, I always have plenty of room at my lunch table as no one wants to sit next to the girl who has weird convulsions and I can always get to the front of the queue, and now I have no friends, I can get much more done in my spare time!

Okay, now less about my traumatic lunch time experiences and more about the book. I loved it, much like the first one is was hilarious in a foul mouthed sarcastic way, which I adored, whilst still managing to have a sweet love story at its core. I liked that this book was after the HEA of the first one, showing that just because they have said their I-love-yous doesn't mean to say that their lives are now perfect, they still have insane friends, strange families and a 4 year old with a mouth like a trucker, as well as their own foibles to contend with.

This was a fantastic read definitely one of my favourites for this year, I am not sure if this series continues after this book or not, but whatever Tara Sivec brings out next you can guarantee I will be reading it.

Under the Covers Quote

"I think there's green Jell-O in the trunk with the turtles." I state before rolling over and snuggling under the covers.

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Maria D. said...

I'll have to check out this series - had never heard of it before - thanks for the spotlight