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Sunday, 7 October 2012

ARC Review: Rev it Up by Julie Ann Walker

Rev it Up
by Julie Ann Walker
(Black Knights Inc # 3)

REV IT UP starts up pretty much where IN RIDES TROUBLE left off.  Jake "the Snake" Sommers has come back with one goal in mind, to get back the woman he loves.  That would be Michelle Carter, Shell, whom we met in the previous book and now know she's Frank's sister.

Lets start with my favorite trait.  Jake was determined to win her back.  He knew it wouldn't be easy, he knew he messed up royally in the past, but he's come to the realization that life is nothing without her.  Even though she had married his best friend.  Even though now she raising a son by herself after Preacher died.  Talk about loving someone when you are willing to jump feet first into a relationship with that much baggage.  Not to mention the fact that your ex-boss is her brother and might kick your ass if you hurt her again.

So now that you can probably tell I have a bit of a crush on Jake because he's the man every woman wants, then let me tell you his one flaw.  The Hawaiian shirts.  It was painful to read how he dressed!!!  The man needs a makeover, badly.  Leave him with me for about a week and we can take care of the problem.

Shell was a very strong heroine, she's gone through a lot by herself but I felt that she really didn't have to and should've been able to communicate more with Jake in the past.  Me being the good little detective that I am, I figured out what was going on there from the very beginning.

Shell and Jake as a couple were great though, they were passionate and they cared for each other.  And yes, they revved me up!  

Now the suspense element of this story was great.  The big bad guy from the first book reappears and wants the Black Knights dead.  He also develops a sick crush on Shell and goes after her.  Jake then has to protect her while the rest of the team are looking for the hired guns that are trying to kill them.  So there's a lot of thrilling action to keep you going.

Then there's the side romance.  We are introduced to the next couple, Rock and Vanessa.  They are teamed up while looking for the killers and all kinds of sparks were flying there.  I am really looking forward to seeing him fall hard!

My favorite in the series so far.

*ARC provided by netgalley
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Laurie said...

These sound great, they seem to have come out so fast and now #3 is out and I haven't even read #1 yet. Thanks for the review!