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Sunday, 11 March 2012



Does anybody remember him on Prison Break? Man, I loved that show. In high school, my boyfriend and I used to watch it together. It was the best show on TV at the time. I made it no secret that I was lusting over Wentworth. He's delicious!

He looks real good in a tux too!

For the BDB fans out there, don't you think he'd be a good Zsadist?


Timitra said...

He's absolutely delicious but he's not how I pictured Zsadist.

KaceyHammell said...

He is delicious. Absolutely yummy.
With Lincoln on Prison Break, it was testosterone goodness every week!! :D

Taryn said...

Wentworth IS MY FAVORITE! BEST Hottie of the Week ever!

I was addicted to Prison Break. HE made that show. But he is NOT my Z. Sorry!

Cimmaron @ Talksupe said...

He's also mine and Braine's pick as Z. Wish he was on TV again.

wickedlydelicious said...

Prison Break was a great show. Wentworth is a hottie.