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Thursday, 6 September 2012

ARC Review: The Dirty Girls Book Club by Savanna Fox

The Dirty Girls Book Club
by Savanna Fox

Way to make a book attractive by just looking at the cover.  Not only is it a stunning cover, but the title of this book is bound to catch your eye and make you want to read it.  Although I'll admit I don't think it necessarily goes with the book.  Yes, there is a book club involved in the life of our heroine but they are by no stretch of the imagination a bunch of dirty girls and the book they are just now reading is their first smutty read.

That being said...you put a hot hockey star with a dubious past, a buttoned up woman that has a lot of energy that needs to be released, and a cute storyline without too much drama and that's for sure the recipes for a light, sexy and enjoyable read.

I couldn't put this book down.  It was sexy from the very beginning, and by that I mean sex early on (like in the first 20 pages).  I just had to like the hero.  Woody Hanrahan, the hockey star, has no money.  His manager, and one of the few people that Woody trusted, gambled most of his money away.  Woody's moms cancer treatments are expensive and that leaves Woody cornered into accepting a sponsoring deal.  That right there is reason enough for me to like the guy.  Add in the fact that he is one of the best players to step on the ice, extremely good looking (looks really hot in a thong) and is just a tad rough around the edges to be cute. Mmmmmmm

Georgia works for the marketing firm handling the campaign and since this is her first job where she's in charge, she has to make a good impression.  But everything pretty much goes out of the window because the sparks between them are instant (see reference to sex above).

Georgia and Woody are so different and they are both the total opposite of what each would normally go for.  I love when those types of relationships can work.  I consider this a light read because there wasn't a whole lot of conflict in this story.  But sometimes the lack of stressful situations is a nice change of pace and just what I need to read.

Another thing I enjoyed is the fact that you get to read along with Georgia the erotic historical that the book club was reading.  The story in that book mirrors her relationship with Woody quite well and I think it must've been fun for the author to write both versions of the story where she got to give them two different endings.

I'm not sure if this is meant to be a series but I see the possibility.  The book club girls need to find their HEAs!!  I think Georgia's friends are a lot of fun and I would even include Viv into that group, maybe they should invite her to a book club dinner.

*ARC provided by publisher

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Kathleen O said...

For some reason, my computer will not let me see this book cover... But i love to read it, despite not seeing the cover. I love hockey players...

Under the Covers said...

Ohhhh Kathleen, you are missing out. The cover is to die for! You have to track it down, maybe Amazon's website will work?


Maria D. said...

I've read good and bad reviews for this book but that said -I do think the cover is smokin hot and I still want to read it:)

Timitra said...

Sounds good-thanks Francesca!