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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Review: Curio by Cara McKenna

(Curio #1)
by Cara McKenna

CURIO is my first read by Cara McKenna and I was pleasantly surprised by this short novella. First of all, I don’t think I can recall reading a book about a male prostitute. Didier Pedra stands out in that regard, but there’s so much more about this book than just the sex.

At almost thirty, Caroly is a virgin and is looking for someone to change that. Her friends tell her about Didier and she takes them up on that offer. CURIO starts off with Caroly outside Didier’s Paris apartment, settling her nerves until she can make that big step.

Fortunately, Didier is a complete sweetheart and manages to keep her at ease. At times, I wondered if Didier’s niceness was really just his personality or if that is how he treats all his clients. I will admit that I was suspicious of him at first. He seemed too good to be true!

 Though he is professional, as their sessions continue, there is a spark of intense heat that Didier seems to notice as well. The fact that he has done this so many times doesn’t make a night with Caroly seems like all the others. He says that every woman is different, but his words cannot be more true when he realizes that maybe Caroly really IS different than the women he’s been with in the past.

Cara McKenna infuses the sexiness of the book with much more than heat and passion. There’s an emotional attachment underlying each sexual act and slowly, but surely a bond is formed between the two. I’m very excited to explore more of this explosive connection between them in the next book!

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