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Thursday, 6 September 2012

Review: Turn it Up by Inez Kelley

Turn It Up
by Inez Kelley

Dr. Bastian Talbot and Charlie Pierce have been best friends for forever. It’s no wonder they work so well together. In their radio talk show, Let’s Talk About Sex with Dr. Hot and the Honeypot, Bastian and Charlie are free to flirt to their heart’s content until they heat up more than just the airways...

The electric chemistry between them can no longer be denied. So when Bastian and Charlie go camping one time together, after a few orgasmic smores and the spilling of secrets, Bastian reveals his love for Charlie. Big mistake.

Charlie isn’t the forever kind of girl. Men see her and they see a good time, they don’t see a good wife. But stubborn Bastian won’t take no for an answer. He wants her all to herself. Charlie is taken aback because even though she loves Bastian, she has a distorted outlook on herself. She is the Honeypot, and that’s it. She doesn’t see herself as worthy to be a doctor’s wife. She could ruin his reputation and suddenly, Charlie feels as if their friendship with Bastian will suffer because of it.

TURN IT UP is an incredibly fun and flirty read that had my laughing out loud at the banter between Bastian and Charlie. Kelley hits every single line perfectly as Bastian and Charlie do their thang on the talk show. If Let’s Talk About Sex with Dr. Hot and the Honeypot were a real radio show, I would be tuning in all the time!

But apart from the fun and the laughs, there’s also a great amount of heart in this book. Readers get to see a slightly tortured heroine who doesn’t see herself as a good enough woman for her best friend. But slowly, I think she comes to realize just how perfect she fits into Dr. Hot’s world.
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