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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Review: Born of Shadows by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Born of Shadows

The League is by far my favourite series by Sherrilyn Kenyon, her blend of sci-fi, adventure and romance makes my jelly quiver!

This is the fourth book in the League series and it follows Caillen Dagan, the brother of Shahara the heroines of Born of Fire. Caillen is a third generation smuggler who would do anything for his sisters, no matter how crazy they drive him, including die for them which is what he almost does until he saved in the knick of time by an unlikely source and is thrown in to a brand new world. The world of the aristorats, and soon he is on the run with the beautiful and vivacious Desideria when they are frmaed for an assasination they didn't commit.

I really wanted to like this book a lot more then I actually did, I think the main problem I had with this book was that for some reason Caillen really annoyed me. I don't know why but his constant "witty" comments really bugged me after a while. I know he was supposed to be charming but slightly egotistical but I just found him irritating and yearned for him to be the stong silent type like my beloved Nykyrian (from Born of Night)! Desideria; however, I quite liked her and I liked seeing her character develop and grow in confidence as she got beneath her mothers tyrinical thumb.

Well so far I sound quite negative about this book, which isn't the case! What I really liked was the amount of action and adventure in it, I have found that normally SK is inside her characters heads alot which is good, but can get repeatative. With this book there was a lot going on around them so it focused lot on the plot as well as the romance making it fast paced and exciting. I also liked that it showed you more of the other characters that although are mentioned in the books you don't really get to see them, like Darling Cruel and Dancer Hauk.

Now for the BEST thing this about the book...Fain Haunk, Dancer's big brother, now I know he was only a secondary character in this book but I instantly loved him! I have a thing for massive guys with long black hair and fangs (Wrath anyone?!) and he fits that image PERFECTLY! Along with a dry and sarcastic sense of humour , I am his for the taking and I really hope he gets a book (and his heroine is named Suzanne LOL!)

So although this wasn't my favourite in the series, I did enjoy this book and am definately going to pick up the next one.


Jen said...

I was disappointed as well. It was missing the spark that most Kenyon books have --and it was lacking in the lovin' department. I like your cover, though!

Jen at Red Hot Books