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Sunday, 1 May 2011

Review: Second Chances by Lauren Dane


This was an excellent erotic romance story, again very well written by Ms. Dane. She always manages to create characters that you get attached to and seem very real, while weaving an intricate and very emotional web that is their lives.

And this book was definitely no exception. It is emotionally charged, had me in tears, it's also got some funny parts. It describes the day to day lives of the characters involved perfectly.

Let me start with the heroine. I really liked her. She was the shy, awkward, geeky, not-so-attractive girl in school that people used to be mean to and bother, with an older sister who was exactly the opposite, head cheerleader, married her high school sweetheart and had 2 kids. But instead of letting all that bring her down and affect her life, she moved away, got her degree from the college she wanted, lived overseas, became a writer, and rediscovered herself.

She comes back to town and we see her interaction with her family (sister, brother-in-law, nephews, mother and stepfather) which was also very real. She always had a crush on Jude growing up (the town's bad boy and her brother-in-law's brother) who is now a cop and now that she's back he seems very interested in her. Problem is, he's still a playboy.

I really liked Jude at the beginning, I was rooting for him to change his ways and get the girl. And when all of a sudden Zach comes in the picture, who I have to say I really liked, Jude's chances fall apart. It's really sad to watch him go through the realization that he is in love with Rori, only to figure it out too late, after she moved on with Zach.

I had no problem seeing her relationship with Zach develop. He seemed to appreciate her, to immediately want to know more about her, and he also seemed to understand her needs. Their relationship was just so sweet, the only thing that was ruining it for me was that I knew what was going to happen from reading it online before.

I cried so much after the "event" that changes things, I couldn't finish the book and had to do it the next morning.

The only problem I had with it was that by the time Jude gets his second chance I felt there was a piece of the building relationship missing between the two of them.

Other than that is a great book, but it does have a lot of BDSM (not too extreme) so if you're into that, you may want to reconsider.