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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Review: Start Me Up by Victoria Dahl

In times like this I wish we were doing half feathers!  I loved this book.  It was closer to a 5 than a 4!  In my opinion, it was so much better than the first one (Talk Me Down). We hadmet Lori Love as Molly's best friend, stuck in their small town, taking over her father's mechanic business, and putting her dreams on hold indefinetely. Lori still sees herself as just the town's mechanic, who can't get a date because everyone thinks she's gay, and she'll never get out of Tumble Creek and realize her dreams.  She was stuck in this position many years ago, and just hasn't found a way out of it!  But now that Molly got her dream man, she wants to at least turn all her sexual fantasies into reality by having a hot summer fling.  The problem is with whom?

It just so happens that her best friends' brother, Quinn, wants to volunteer for the job. Quinn, successful architect, gorgeous, caring, almost the perfect guy... well, except his head is usually not into relationships,  or remembering pretty much anything except designing, which is why he's still single.  But Lori sparks his interest and he not only volunteers to give her the best fling, but puts in a good hard effort in making sure she is completely satisfied, even if it involves reading the erotica books she likes to figure out what she wants.

Their connection is amazing, their sexual chemistry is HOTTTT. However, Lori has a lot of confidence issues which in a way he helps her work through. And Quinn has his own issues with women, but Lori understands him, and not only that, he wants to be better with her.

Fun, drama, intrigue, and a lot of hot sex, including a very hot but maybe a bit unexpected scene in the alley behind a restaurant. The issues seem that were easily fixed, and I was not expecting the solution to her fathers murder to end up the way it did. However I think the ending between Quinn and Holly could've been a bit better which is why I'm not giving this 5 stars.

This is an excellent series, if you haven't read it, don't be like me and get to it right away!