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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Review: Sweet Persuasion by Maya Banks

Dear Damon,
Take me. Make me your slave. You may do what you wish to me. I am yours.
Sweet Persuasion is the second book of Maya Banks’s Sweet series and it is hands down my favourite! I have a feeling that it will remain my favourite even when I get down to reading the other books in this series. This book is sinfully sweet, mixing the perfect amount of kink and tenderness! The BDSM wasn’t over the top or scary. And I think most of that is because Damon Roche, the hero of this book is so downright sexy, that any female would be willing drop down on her knees for him.

Damon mans The House, an elite club where you can live out your sexual fantasies. He is Mr. GQ, all sleek and quiet strength, the absolute perfect gentlemen. But when it comes down to sex, he is raw sexuality to the hundredth degree. So much so that these pages burn so hot, they’ll scorch your fingers!

I devoured his book completely and when I flipped that last page, I was so sad to have it all end. Simply put, Damon is a dream. And I never wanted to wake up to reality...

Serena has dreamed to be owned completely in the most basic and primal way. She wants to be taken wholly by a man who she can trust to take care of her. As a wish fulfiller herself, she desperately seeks out her one chance to make her wildest dreams come true. With Damon, she gets that.

Here’s a not-so-secret secret....I am not a fan of butt plugs. I’ve read a few erotica romance novels in the past with them and they just make me cringe. But SOMEHOW in this book, I didn’t find myself wincing as I read those scenes. Again, I think it may be solely because it was Damon and not any other character. Damon was a great Master, caring for her and pleasing her at the same time. He made sure he never hurt her and through that, he gained her complete trust.

Sweet Persuasion was deliciously dark and alluring. And mixed in with the humour and heart, it made for the perfect book to heat up my evenings!