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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Review: The Duke and I by Julia Quinn


The Duke and I
(Bridgerton # 1)
by Julia Quinn

I have been ruined by Lisa Kleypas and all her wonderful historical that until now, I couldn’t find an author who could live up to the Kleypas craze. Julia Quinn is the answer.

THE DUKE AND I is such a charming story of Daphne and Simon! The story captured me with its prologue. It starts off with a story of a vulnerable young boy and his prideful father who wished to have the perfect heir. When he learns that his son has a speech impediment, he deems him as defective and unworthy to love, shunning him from his life and love. The boy grows up, wondering what he has done to make his father hate him so much, harbouring an anger towards him that grows with each year.

Years later, Simon Basset has learned to overcome his stutter and is now the Duke of Hastings, making him a sought-after bachelor. Simon is such a great hero. I loved him from the moment he stepped on the page. There’s just something about him that lures you in. He has secrets that make you want to keep reading until they are revealed. And, not to mention, he’s quite the seducer as well.

I don’t blame Daphne for falling so hard for him. Daphne is the eldest daughter of the Bridgeton family, making her a prime target for her brother’s overprotective tendencies. But Daphne is a strong woman and is able to handle situations on her own. I loved the strength that she showed throughout this book. There is nothing better than a strong heroine who isn’t afraid to stand up to her man (and her brothers).

What I love about historical romance is the lightness and charming nature of the stories. I found it very difficult to find another author who possessed that effortless wit that Lisa has in her writing, but after reading this I found that Quinn is just as capable of doing this. She manages to weave stories that are full of heart and passion but still making it light-hearted and fun.

I loved the idle banter between the Bridgeton siblings! They are such a fantastic family and I can’t wait to read the next few books of this series. I have no doubt that the Bridgeton will charm me completely. I am so glad I picked this series up!

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Angie said...

Great review! I haven't read too much historical romance, but I do enjoy it, so I may have to check this one out! :)

Angie @ Pinkindle Reads & Reviews

Ning said...

This sounds great. I love historicals, but currently I'm in a more paranormal mood. Funny thing is, I read the first wallflower by Kleypas and couldn't stand it, but I heard Julia Quinn is good. I don't know if you've read Stephanie Laurens, but I love her regency romances as well (albeit they are a bit long). Oh, and Julie Garwood's regency too.

Ning @ Reading by Kindle Fire

Timitra said...

Guess what just got moved up on my tbr list...thanks for the great review Ann!!!!

Patricia said...

I really loved this! While I can't say that I'd give it 5 stars (or a 4 in the toe curling area) it made me fell for Julia Quinn and I haven't managed to get her out of my system yet. *grin*

Shelly said...

Enjoyed the review. Will have to check out this author. Sounds like a good story.

Kat ~ Forever Book Lover ♥ said...

Oh you are going to love this series. I've done the opposite, I read Julia Quinn and thought no one could compare to her writing. Can't wait to see the rest of your reviews.

Under the Covers said...

Thanks Angie! I hope you give this one a try!

Ning, I adore Lisa Kleypas! I really hope you give her another shot!

Thanks Timitra!

I fell in love with this series, Patricia. This entire series is great!

Shelly, I hope you do!

Hey Kat! I've actually finished the series already. I kind of got obsessed and read them all. It happens sometimes. lol

Leagh said...

I totally agree! I was laughing the whole way through the book. This was the first Julia Quinn book I have read and I am now hooked :)

Great review

Under the Covers said...

Thanks Leagh! I'm trying to read her entire backlist! But....that's going to take some time :P