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Friday 29 June 2012

ARC Review: Defiant by Pamela Clare

by Pamela Clare
(MacKinnon's Rangers # 3)

I have to be honest, I have finished this book a few weeks back but procrastinated on writing the review. I feared that no amount of words would explain my feelings about this book. I know this to be true, so, I will keep it simple. This book is EPIC and I LOVED it!!!

Connor is the third, youngest and the last Mackinnon brother to work for Lord William Wentworth during the French/British and Indian war. Still under Wentworth’s blackmail, Connor and his close friend Joseph were sent on a mission. They were to rescue Lady Sarah from the Swanee Indians and if needed by all means necessary. Despite Connor’s hate for Wentworth, his loyalty to his brothers and the rangers has him following orders. And as it goes; everything happens for a reason…he meets Sarah, the very uptight Lady who will change his life forever.

Sarah, has inadvertently caused a scandal for her family and herself. As a last resort, she is headed to see her uncle William for advice. But on her long journey, she is taken for the pure reason of retribution. Sadly, it is one of the unavoidable tragedies of any war.

Connor and Sarah's coming together were not at the most romantic but despite the terrible consequence their love for each other just came through for them.

The love, devotion and hard work that were put in to this book shows with every page that was written. The research and the knowledge of the time setting are detailed and well incorporated into the story. But what drew me in is the empathy I felt while I read this book. I practically TRAVELED BACK IN TIME! I saw their surroundings in detail. I saw what the characters were doing and felt their emotions as if I were there. I remember Sarah’s fear and pain when the Indians captured her. I even felt the pain and understood the reasons of the Swanee’s hatred. Connors bravery and love for Sarah was sigh inducing. Joseph friendship and the Ranger/Mckinnon brothers' comraderie were definitely awe inpiring. Wenworths dichotomy of hate and love towards the brothers…well, now that, is exactly what I felt for him. I hated him with a passion and loved him for what he truly is, deep, deep, deep inside. Though this is the third of the trilogy, I am hopeful that this is not the last we see of the MacKinnons. I certainly would like to know more of Lord Wentworth and Joseph. 

*ARC provided by author

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Dawn said...

Absolutely LOVED Defiant. I was happy to hear she will be doing stories for a couple more of the characters =)

Francesca said...

I need to read this.


Landry Breaux said...

DAMN! I want to read the book and then see the movie after seeing the trailer. Want to even more after reading that great review. You've sold me. Thanks and Happy 4th!