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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

ARC Review: In Rides Trouble by Julie Ann Walker

In Rides Trouble
by Julie Ann Walker
(Black Knights Inc # 2)

I started this book knowing I was giong to enjoy it more than the first one by the characters alone, and they didn't disappoint.  Becky and Frank live up to their full potential in IN RIDES TROUBLE and even give us what I would consider a fun plot.  Because I just can't take pirate themes too seriously. =)

At the end of book one Becky had decided it was time for her to leave the Black Knights because she didn't think Frank could deal with letting her work on cases.  While she's vacationing with her best friend, their boat gets attacked by pirates and she's being held for ransom.  When the rescue finally comes, things get ugly before they get better and leave a hurt and traumatized pirate with nothing on his mind but revenge against Becky.

Frank has a lot of things to deal with in this book.  The age difference is a big one for him.  Then there's the fact that he doesn't see himself as good enough anymore.  He's too tough, rough, hurt and useless at times.  But it gets to the point that the things he wants to do to Becky can't be denied any longer, especially when she's clearly offering.

My one complaint about Frank was his whole relationship that he kept hidden out of town.  For a good part of the book I actually thought there could be a woman there he was going to see and I was starting to get upset about it.  I just wished there would've been a hint as to the nature of that relationship beforehand to us, the readers.

Becky, well, what can i say?  I do a tough woman and she is one as much as I think I could ever be one if put in her shoes and with her knowledge.  She's still girly even when she's fixing bikes.  She knws how to defend herself.  But on the inside she's only looking for Frank's attention.

A surprisingly sweet story to read.  Now I can't wait for the next one, since we got a major tease of the characters that will feature in that one and I can alreayd say I like them!

*ARC provided by publisher
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Maria D. said...

I just got this book and can't wait to read it

Brianna (The Book Vixen) said...

I didn't like Frank's other relationship either. But I did enjoy this book overall. I loved the sexual tension between Frank and Becky! And I love Becky :)