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Saturday, 1 September 2012

ARC Review: Pride and Politics by Daisy Harris

Pride and Politics
by Daisy Harris
(Men of Holsum College # 6)

I'll admit I started this book not so excited.  I first read about Hunter in THE PLAYER AND THE PRUDE and he was a complete a-hole.  Even though he was the reason those two guys got together, he was also the reason why they almost broke apart.  Then in BOSSY AND THE BRAT he was the guy using Tyler for sex and dissing him the rest of the time as if he didn't even know him.  So I had no love for Hunter going into this book.

Daisy Harris did an amazing job at turning me around and thinking of him as just another tortured, broken soul.  I felt bad for what Hunter has had to live through.  I didn't think poor little rich boy anymore.

In this book, Hunter has to go on tour for his uncle's campaign for president.  He's assigned an image consultant to be with him 24/7 to ensure that Hunter looks presentable, not extremely gay, and that he doesn't get into any trouble...ie no drinking and partying or sex with strangers that could lead to ruining his uncle's image during the election.

That's where you enter Steve Camden.  Coming from a tough upbringing having to take care of his deaf sister, he's always been serious and he can't wrap his brain around the behavior and lifestyle of someone like Hunter.  But the more time they spend together, the more he gets to chip at Hunter's exterior mask and starts getting down to the real man in there.

They both opened up as they traveled together and I thought they were one of the few couples that I could see them loving each other by the end of their time together.  And of course, it helped that Hunter was a very needy and sexual man.  :)

*ARC provided by author.


Sophia Rose said...

That is always interesting to see a baddie turned into the hero. I'm intrigued now.

Thanks for the review!

Timitra said...

Great review Francesca!