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Saturday, 1 September 2012

Review: Bossy and the Brat by Daisy Harris

Bossy and the Brat
by Daisy Harris
(Men of Holsum College # 5)

There is always one story in a series that you connect less with than the others and that is BOSSY AND THE BRAT for me.  Although it was a sweet story once I put aside what I thought of the main characters, I didn't connect.

First there's Tyler.  The poor kid, and yes he's young, always gets used by others.  First it was Hunter who just wanted him as a booty call and would ignore him or blow him off anytime.  Then there's Cal, who supposedly has been in love with him for a while, but he didn't know he was gay.  I felt bad for Tyler but at the same time he's very immature, which goes with his age, and definitely what the title says, a brat.   Maybe just not my cuppa.

Then Cal, he's the one I had the biggest issue with.  He has a fiance whom he just easily breaks up.  Then he finally admits that he's been pining for Tyler.  But his thoughts about going from straight man breaking up his engagement to a gay man in love with a guy who dances ballet didn't have the emotional charge or even struggle that I would imagine someone would go through.  He just woke up one day and said I finally want him to suck me.

OK so once I suspended that train of thought I guess I can say that Cal gave Tyler the love and attention that no other guy had ever given him.  The recognition with his friends and not being embarrassed to be seen with him and call him his boyfriend.  The protection from others that wanted to hurt him.  Cal, being a bit more dominant, was pretty hot and Tyler fit into that perfectly being so submissive.

Can't wait to see who's next in the series!

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Sophia Rose said...

Ah, sounds like Tyler did need to finally have a chance at happiness. Sorry the storyline didn't work out for you.