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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Review: The Darkest Hour by Maya Banks

I really wanted to give this book a better rating because I loved the story of the KGI in itself and the world Ms. Banks has created so much. However, I didn't feel connected to the main characters and their relationship. I kept wanting to read more about all the other characters, who I love by the way, than the main characters. Not that the story was not well written and kept me on my toes and had a lot of ups and downs, I just didn't care much what happened to them.

Ethan was sweet for the most part (now), but how could he have thought something so crazy before she died, how could she just be ok with such accusations. It felt a bit like the beginning of the Elite Ops series (Lora Leigh), so if you liked that series you'd enjoy this one, but also with a feel for the family vibe in the Nauti series (Lora Leigh).

I wouldn't classify this book as an erotica read though, they only have sex twice (can't remember now) and it is a touchy subject due to her condition, and that aspect I found was well written.

Onto my speculations for this series:  Sam, Garrett and Donovan... I can't wait for their books! Nathan I'm hoping will end up with Rusty, so I'll give them some time for her to grow up, yeah I know there's an age difference but I can see sparks flying. I think Donovan will end up with PJ.

I also like Rio and Steele even though they're not part of the family, they're still part of the team. And Sean I wouldn't mind seeing more of his character developed.

Frank and Marlene are so sweet and just nice, and they're all a very tight family.

The action in this book was great! Military suspense at its best and I'm looking forward to reading book 2, which I'm starting right away.