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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Review: Hidden Away by Maya Banks

This was another great addition to the series!!! I enjoyed the storyline, it was setup nicely, and Garrett was such a sweety!!!

He's been one of my favorites, and in his book, again, he's sweet as pie, and sexy as hell! I loved him during the "beach time", when he left the bag of books and wine at her door.... Awww, a man who knows the way to my heart! Sarah was an ok heroine for me, she just doesn't have the spark that Sophie had, but given the circumstances she did ok. My only complaint... not enough sex! LOL I do love how he talked to her. ;)

The side stories as usual were great, I love the whole Kelly family! They're great. Sophie had her baby, and one of my favorite moments was Garrett freaking out about having to take her to the hospital, and then he was the only one there when they were preparing her... I was LMAO!

Rusty... Very sad, but I liked that finally the family is coming around and giving her a place in their hearts, and they're sticking up for her. I really want her to get a book... PLEASE!!!!

I had hopes for PJ and Donovan to get together, but now, after this book, I'm thinking it might be PJ and Cole... :( 

Can't wait for the next book!!!