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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Review: Lead Me On by Victoria Dahl


I want William Chase! OMG he's amazing, sweet, hot, sexy, tattooed, did I mention hot? *had to get that off my chest*

I was not expecting the turn of events with prime and proper Jane, whom we meet in Start Me Up. I originally thought she didn't have much of a personality, but I kept hearing this was the best book in the series.  Well, as it turns out, she's just a repressed WILD girl!  Jane is not really Jane, she's Dynasty! She comes from a really messed up childhood, that turned her into a very messed up teenager, and one really bad moment made her turn her life around. Except in turning her life around, she distanced herself from her family completely, changed her name, and wanted nothing to do with her past life, as if they didn't exist. She wanted to mold herself the way she thought she "should" be.

And then along comes William Chase.  He did not fit the mold of what she wanted in her life now. Nope. But he took that mold, threw it, stumped on it, and broke it. And boooyyyyy am I in love? LOL  He actually belongs in her past, their paths had crossed then, and once he realizes it, he's determined to figure out what happened to her.

He is such a sweet guy, and she actually stereotypes him by his looks, not thinking that he has way more to offer than his HAWT body, lickable tattooes, and amazing sex!  But I honestly think he took too much crap for her. She didn't realize all that he was doing for her, and the way he was letting her use him and abuse him. And I think he let her off the hook pretty easy in the end.

The side story of her brother being in jail was pretty well thought out, I actually enjoyed it better than the stalker situations we read in the previous books of this series.

I enjoyed reading this series and I could keep reading it! There's an opening for her brothers book that would be interesting... But I guess all good things must come to end.