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Saturday, 2 June 2012

ARC Review: Grease Paint by West Thornhill

Grease Paint
by West Thornhill

Mack MacKenna is a rough and a bit hard guy, at least on the outside.  He's turning 30, he has a successful motorcycle repair shop, he has a girlfriend...or at least people think he has a girlfriend.  Him and his best friend Tuck have been pretending to be together for years.  But he likes boys and she likes girls.

Mack goes away (out of town away from prying eyes) once a month to get his fill of what he really likes, and this long weekend is not any different.  Well except for the fact that he's celebrating his birthday and that he actually finds a guy from his town who had caught his attention.  And he can't seem to find the reasons not to be with him.

Crypt was cute.  Quite a few years younger, artsy, skinny, a bit gothy.  He's been obsessed with Mack since he was a teenager, he even based some of his paintings on him.  I loved that he was confident enough to put himself in Mack's path once he found out he was gay and that there was an opportunity for something to happen.  I give the kid all the credit!

And yes Mack was hot but I think there were a few things with him that didn't quite work or click with me.  First, we never really got to see what happened when his family found out.  I would've liked to see that instead of a gloss-over "and-all-is-well".

Very cute and short, even though not with the most connection I've felt between two characters, it is always nice to see the more awkward character get to live his fantasy and have his crush fall in love with him.

*ARC provided by publisher