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Saturday, 2 June 2012

ARC Review: Need You Now by Mercy Celeste

Need You Now
by Mercy Celeste

The Story
This was a bit sad and bittersweet.  Jake and Logan were roommates in college.  Jake knew he was gay and a bit in love with Logan forever.  Until he had to leave when he found Logan having sex with the one girl that could've been Jake's girlfriend if he had wanted girls.  He moved away, started a life until everything came crashing down on him when the man he was in love with and had thought he would have a future with died.  So he moves back home only to find that Logan wants him, has always wanted him.  A second chance at love with the man he always dreamed of, even after the heartache.

Even though at times I felt Logan was a bit pushy and needy, I still think the ending was appropriate.  What maybe was a bit harder for me to understand was the sudden change in Jake from hurting because he didn't have his dead lover to full on yes I am in love with Logan.  And even though the scene at the end was meant as healing for this to happen, it felt a bit out of place for me there.

The Writing
I love Mercy Celeste!  This was not the first one I read and every time I say that I think the writing is great, it really flows and makes you feel in the story.  I think she did great going into this much emotional background in such a short story.  Of course it helped that the base for their connection and relationship was already there, at least for me.  They had history together and that always helps me connect with a short story.  Can't wait to read more from this author.

*ARC provided by publisher


Timitra said...

Sounds good-thanks for the heads up on this one Francesca!