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Friday, 8 June 2012

Review: Behind Iron Lace by Mercy Celeste

Behind Iron Lace
by Mercy Celeste

I'll admit I wanted to read this because... who can resist a steamy romance in New Orleans?  As soon as I started reading it, it hooked me!  Darcy Butler recently moved to NO with his girlfriend (sometimes real girlfriend, sometimes just girl friend) and the rest of the team that works at his e-magazine.  Their business is doing very well but they've decided to give it some umphhh by hiring a renowned graphic designer/artist/photographer to help them with pictures and the look of the magazine.

Darcy ends up meeting Caleb alone, at a bar, because the AC in their office isn't working.  And it was pretty much lust at first sight for both of them.  Caleb knows he's attracted to men, and Darcy hits all his buttons, just his type.  Darcy on the other hand doesn't know what to do with that initial punch of attraction.  He's not supposed to be attracted to men is he?

Even though Darcy tries to fight it, Caleb is determined to have him.  What starts out as a fling for Caleb and maybe some exploration for Darcy quickly turns into deeper feelings.

I really enjoyed Darcy's character.  He's had a rough time with his girlfriend. They've been together for many years and he always thought they would get married but that is now the farthest from her mind.  He made a big move to NO without really wanting to.  Now he has to deal with being attracted to men, and his very strong connection to Caleb.  Caleb on the other hand is a tortured soul, a true bad boy, and someone who has had a really tough past.

There's plenty of angst in this story, as well as a good amount of heat.  As a couple I think they are adorable together and they have to overcome some obstacles and make some tough decisions.

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Sophia Rose said...

Oh, I'm glad this one turned out to be good. I have it on my wish list and it helps to have another opinion before I buy it.


Vanessa theJeepDiva said...

Never heard of this title or author. Gonna go do some more looking at this title. Great review, thanks for sharing!

Maria D. said...

Good review! Sounds like there is a lot of emotional growth in this book which I like to read in a good romance. Thanks for sharing your review

Under the Covers said...

@Sophia, hope you enjoy it!

@Vanessa, this particular one is not my favorite by the author, but she never disappoints, I always enjoy her work.

@Maria, yes there is, even though some it happens behind the scenes, since it is a short story.


Kassandra said...

This one sounds very promising! Thanks for the review.

Timitra said...

This sounds really interesting-thanks for the heads up on this one Francesca!

Under the Covers said...

You're welcome!! Hope you enjoy it as well.