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Monday 7 May 2012

ARC Review: Rogues by Ava March

(Brook Street #3)
by Ava March 

ROGUES is the third book in the Brook Street series by Ava March. This is Robert Anderson and Linus Radcliffe’s book. Both are rogues, but their preferences in bedmates vary. While Linus prefers the company of men, Robert spends his nights with women. However, there is something special about Linus that makes Robert spend the occasional night in Linus’s bed. Their chemistry is potent and undeniable however when Robert proposes that they become exclusive lovers, Linus turns down the offer. In an effort to show him that their relationship is stronger than a regular friendship, Robert does what he can to change his mind and how him just how compatible they are.

While I have enjoyed this series immensely, I have to say that ROGUES is my least favorite of the stories. I just didn’t think that it held the same appeal as the others. I felt that there was a lot of confusion with the names because the author goes between calling them Anderson and Radcliffe one moment and then promptly switches to Linus and Rob later. It helps to clear up any confusion if you just stick with one set of names and keeping them straight throughout the story.

The plot in this book is pretty simply, unlike the other two which to me felt more interesting. I liked the story, but just didn’t think it lived up to my expectations for what I had in mind for Linus and Rob.

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Sophia Rose said...

I have not read any of this series yet so I'm not sure about the action part. I do get your point about hating it when a book is confusing in some way. It's hard to pay attention to everything else in the story after that.

Thanks for sharing your review!

Timitra said...

Thanks for the honest review Ann...very much appreciated!!!

Kassandra said...

I have not picked up any of this series yet but it sounds promising. I too get a bit disappointed when I get into a series several books and then one kind of falls off for me. Hope the rest live up to what you want ;)

Francesca said...

Thanks Sophia Rose, Timitra and Kassandra!


Laurie said...

I have not read this series yet but I've been hearing alot lately. I guess staring with #1 is the way to go, thanks!

Barbara said...

Good review. This sounds like a book/series I'd like to read. I'm gonna check into the other two books. And I'll keep in mind what you mentioned about the name confusion...so that I don't get caught up in it too. Thx!