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Wednesday 16 May 2012

Review: Skin Deep by Pamela Clare

Skin Deep
(I-Team After Hours #1)
by Pamela Clare

Thank you to Pamela Clare for giving readers something to indulge in as we wait for the next I-Team book. For me, it has felt like a long time since I’ve read an I-Team book, but after reading this short story about Megan, I felt the need to go back and read them all again.
True to Clare’s writing style, she sucks you in right from the beginning. I was already emotionally involved in this story because if you’re a rabid fan of the I-Team series, you know of Megan Hunter, the younger sister to Marc Hunter. We have read about her trials and troubles from Marc’s POV but never really got her side of the story...until now.
Clare delivers a great short story that will pull on your heartstrings and make you fall in love with these damaged characters that have the lucky chance to fall in love. I love all the heroes in the I-Team series, so I wondered how Nathaniel West would compare to the rest of the bad boys. Nate is a wonderful character filled with an old soul that I admired. Though physically scarred, his heart holds so much love that even though Megan doesn’t think she is worth it, Nate has some tenderness to spare. And the fact that Nate was so welcoming and attentive to Emily, Megan’s daughter made him more irresistible.
Megan and Nate are both scarred, but I think together, they are able to see past the emotional and physical reminders of what has happened with them. So even though their relationship progresses slowly, it is so worth the wait.
I also loved how involved Marc and the other guys were in this story. For this reason, I personally think it’s better to have read the I-Team books BEFORE you read this one. There are some details in this book that are somewhat spoilery for the books in the series. To get a better experience, you’ll want to read this in order.
At the end of this book, Clare also includes an extra short story about what goes down when Marc and Julian go for a beer run. It was nice to read about the guys once again because they have much distinct personalities. I couldn’t help but smile whenever one of them made a smart remark.  Nothing beats their humor.
SKIN DEEP may have quenched my thirst for some I-Team goodness, but it seems like I’m already addicted. I’m already begging for more! I think it’s time for a re-read.
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Susan T. said...

I have the series on my mountain size TBR pile and can't wait to read it. Thanks

Timitra said...

I have this series on my wishlist-thanks Ann!