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Thursday, 3 May 2012

Review: Hard Lovin' by Nicole Austin

Hard Lovin'
by Nicole Austin
I have to admit when this book started off I was thinking to myself "How could I be enjoying this, this is obviously wrong?!?!!". But it was extremely sexy! Olivia opens the door to a cop who just barges in, puts her against the wall for questioning about a guy that they are looking for and that Olivia, as a nurse, had treated. The questioning is a bit more "intimate" than you would think would be appropriate. ;)

This story was extremely short but I really enjoyed it.  It was hot and I liked the couple together a lot.  Well done for under 30 pages!

*Book provided by publisher


Timitra said...

This sounds like a book I'd enjoy reading...thanks for the heads up Francesca!

Under the Covers said...

Hope you do Timitra, it is really short.


Nicole Austin said...

I'm sl glad you enjoyed the book, Francesca! Thanks for the great review. And I hope you enjoy it, Timitra! :D