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Monday 25 July 2011

The Dom's Dungeon

I love a good BDSM book and with the right Dom, it makes it all the more better. But what makes the ultimate Dom?

Is it in the way they carry themselves, with purpose or swagger? Or the way they make you wait in anticipation, with your insides churning with the knowledge of what's to come? It's in the precise way they bound you, the whispered words they say, and the heavy hand that stings.

Okay, okay, I'm getting ahead of myself here. So to answer this question of who is the ultimate Dom, we've asked fellow bloggers, readers and erotica romance authors to pick who is their favorite Dom. Here are your choices...


For the millionth time she wondered how this was happening – how she’d let this happen. And yet, it felt powerful somehow. Mark said he would push her, but, more important, she was pushing herself to explore these fantasies she’d been hiding for so long.

“Are you ready?”
Her belly quivered with nerves and anticipation. “Yes.” She braced herself on the floor.
She heard his boots thudding as he circled her. “Can you follow instructions?”
“Then why are you still wearing your panties?”
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She walked to the edge and perched gingerly, hands clasped in her lap. He moved with grace and elegance that was a contradiction to the rough, animalistic way he’d fucked her mouth just an hour before. He was indeed a contradiction, one that intrigued her. Outwardly he seemed so civilized, so refined. He was the epitome of culture, a consummate gentlemen. And yet there was a caveman buried under the polished exterior. A man driven by his needs and desires. A man who quite simply wouldn’t accept less.
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He leaned forward, an elbow braced on the table. His gaze poured directly into her, molten and unrelenting. “Do you understand what it means to submit to a man? Completely surrender?”
Morgan tried to suck in a breath, stunned to find it ragged beyond her control. His eyes flared hot with approval.
“T-this isn’t about me, “ she argued breathlessly. “I just need to relate the concept to the-“
“How can you relate without a taste of it, cher? A little nibble ain’t gonna hurt you.” The smile he flashed her could only be termed pure sin. “You might even like it.”
That’s exactly what Morgan was afraid of.
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Tyraa said...

I really picky with BDSM books so I've only read a few. Maya Banks is my ultimate FAV erotic author & I adore her sweet series. Damon got my pick but I'm def going to check out Bound to please, Mark sounds great.

Elena said...

Nice Job Ladies!

Looks like there are plenty of Dom's to go around, but 3 in particular made the list. *licks lips* I love it!

Tyraa, Mark will rock your world and the bedsteads you crawl under at night. Have fun!

Tyraa said...

@ Elena, OH BOY you've got me all excited . I can't wait to meet this Mark.

AngelaC said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
AngelaC said...

Because of Mark, I know look at Strawberries and I get hot and bothered. I love St. Crowe!

Megan@Riverina Romantics said...

Great post guys! I haven't read any of these books but the first one is on my list.

jennyb845 said...

Excellent topic! DAMON. It is all Damon. I dream about him!

Buzzed Sweetness said...

Great post! Loved it

LethalLovely said...

Damon all the way! Mark St. Crow is sexy as hells but he's a part-time Dom. Damon is the real deal. He's suave & sensitive, whereas Mark is kind of crass. He knows what women want whereas Mark (sorry, Mark!) is kind of clueless. He never felt the need to cheat on Serena, whereas Mark almost boned a woman HOW MANY TIMES?!? I love them both but when put side by side, there is no competition.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh Jack Cole! All he would have to do is whisper 'kneel for cher" and I would be a puddle!

BLHmistress said...

I have to go with Mark he sounds like my type of guy- love the rock star but honestly I was torn between him and Damon :)

Unknown said...

damon all the way!! :)

JoAnna said...

This was tough, I haven't read any of these books. I can tell you one thing, I will be reading them.

Lisa Richards/alterlisa said...

Yeah Mark sounds like the winner to me.


alterlisa AT yahoo DOT com

June M. said...

I have not read either of these books but they all sound great. I will definitely be adding all 3 to my list.

Carol L. said...

I've yet to read these books but they are all on my TRL now. I'm leaning towards Damon but Jack is right there as well. :)
Carol L

Laura Massey said...

Wow. Those three immediately went on my TBR. They sound yummy.