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Saturday 30 June 2012

Interview and Giveaway with Melissa Schroeder!

Hi Melissa! Welcome to Under the Covers and the Burning Up July event! Let’s get to know you a little better. Who is Melissa Schroeder? Tell us 5 interesting things about yourself that readers would not know.

Hmm, sadly for my readers, I share a lot of stuff with them. But, I guess, hmm, I play the flute, I was a flag corps captain in HS, I have a degree in English and history—had thought to get my PhD, I was the president of the Moody Officers’ Wives club in 1999-2000, and Charlie McMurtry, Larry’s brother, taught me how to waltz.

SURRENDER – your erotic contemporary features Navy Seal Malachai Dupree and Amanda Forrester. What would you say was the biggest obstacle while writing this book and how did you overcome it?

All the military books are hard because I have to make sure I can keep it romantic. Military life is not that romantic and that is why I haven’t done a military series before now. Also, I want to keep it lighter in the BDSM category for more mainstream readers, so I have to make sure I don’t step over any lines.

I am very interested in reading your vampire alliance series.
Can you please tell us a little about DESIRE BY BLOOD? 

This is the series the Joy Harris will kill me if I only write one. A few years ago, I was still trying for NY publishers and had an agent. I came up with this concept, but every NY house turned it down, but every reader who read the partial LOVED it. And not just vamp lovers. Just in general. The idea is that vampires are either born or made, and made vampires are not looked kindly upon. Someone is trying to make his own army in the late 1800’s in London, and our hero Nico Blackburn is searching for him. The Vampire Alliance is made up of four very powerful families, one being the Blackburns, who are not royalty. They operate within the ton, with their own etiquette and status levels. I am super excited that it is actually going to be published in July! For readers who aren't familiar with your work yet, how you would describe your style in a few words? Sensual to erotic, witty with a touch of realism.

Many authors get their ideas from everyday life. Do you have a story to share where your real-life experience has influenced your writing? 

Of course the military books are influenced by my real life. But I think in general, most of my books are pulled from real life, as in how to deal with it. I am a character driven author so my main focus is how this character will deal with the crap I throw at him or her. For anything with suspense, I totally use my watching of Discovery ID to help though. That channel has more shows for researching a killing than any other lol.

What are some essential items you require when you write? 

Music. I use it to drown out everything else. And I have to write on a computer. I cannot do longhand any more.

If you could read one book again for the first time, which one would it be? 

Ice Queen by Joey Hill or Ransom by Julie Garwood

If we were unforgivably rude and pulled at random five things from your hand bag, what would we find? 

Crayons, various kids menus folded up, change, lipstick I forgot about, and thieves spray.

Help us cool down from this hot hot summer! Do you have any cocktail recipes you'd like to share with our readers?

Lava Flow Cocktail
1 oz. coconut rum
1 oz. light rum
1/2 banana
2 oz. pineapple juice
2 oz. coconut cream
2 oz. frozen strawberries

The key to preparation is to blend the strawberries and rums separately from the other ingredients, rinsing the blender between steps. (If using strawberry puree, you can skip this and simply blend all ingredients except the puree.)

Pour the strawberry mix or the puree to the bottom of a large glass (a collins or hurricane glass). Then add the blender ingredients, or as it’s often done, reverse and pour the strawberry mix on top. The red strawberry mix swirls in the drink, simulating a lava flow.

Sounds delicious! Thanks for sharing!

Unedited Excerpt from Bound by Desire:

Everything in Cordelia stilled, every thought flew out of her head. It was as if time stopped. Then in a rush, reality blazed back to life. Nicodemus Blackburn was kissing her. Her. Bluestocking Cordelia Collingsworth. Why?
Before she could puzzle that out or contemplate the oddity of Blackburn’s actions, he slid his hands up her arms, cupped her face and deepened the kiss. His tongue skimmed over her lips. She gasped and he used the moment to dip inside of her mouth.
Cordelia knew she should be shocked to her toes. This was everything she had avoided. She did not want to be saddled with her mother’s reputation. But at the moment, her heart was beating so fast she couldn’t think. The masculine scent of him surrounded her, intoxicated her. Blackburn pulled back just a bit, cool air replacing the heat of him. When she slowly opened her eyes, she found him watching her, his gaze brilliant.
“It works better if you kiss me back.”
His voice was deep, resonant, filled with something she could not discern. It did not matter if she did not understand, her body responded. Heat shot through her veins causing her to shiver. Without another word, he swooped down to capture her mouth again.
Every worry she had dissolved as he slanted his mouth over hers. This time, she responded the best she could. It was her first true kiss, for she did not count the few stolen kisses early suitors had subjected her to. If they had been as skilled as Blackburn, Cordelia might have been tempted to break the rules.
Cordelia willingly opened her mouth allowing Blackburn to slide his tongue in. Little bursts of heat crackled over her nerve endings. Slowly, she skimmed her hands up his chest, over his shoulders and behind his neck. He took the opportunity to pull her closer, into his warmth. His hands slid down to cup her bottom, pull her tightly against him. Even through the layers of clothing she could feel the beat of his heart.
Her head spun, her body rejoiced. Tentatively, she slipped her tongue into his mouth, sliding it along his as he had to her. The taste of him burst through her, tart lemonade, a touch of brandy, and Nicodemus Blackburn...that was the most intoxicating part. Every reservation she had dissolved into the glorious passion he was building.
He growled, the sound vibrating deep in his throat. She shivered as something poured through her blood—something that felt so primal she didn’t recognize it. Easily, he walked her backward. Before she could even discern what he was about, she found herself beneath him on the couch. Blackburn tore his mouth from hers only to set about attacking her throat. His tongue slid over her flesh, the scrape of teeth followed and she heard a moan filled with lustful longing. It took her a moment to realize the wanton sound had come from her.

A man with a secret.

Nicodemus Blackburn has seen the best and worst of mankind. Five hundred years of dealing with them teaches the vampire to be very wary of the creatures. Unfortunately, alarming events leave him no choice but to enter the world of the ton to hunt a rogue vampire—one who is making his own army of blood thirsty vampires. Searching for the villain is not the worst of his troubles. That can be laid at the feet of bluestocking Lady Cordelia Collingsworth.

A woman on a mission.

Cordelia has always been an outcast, even in her own family. She has forged her way in the world with her ability to write, and Nico Blackburn is the focus of her next article. Before she can obtain any information about the mysterious man, she is pulled headlong into a scandal that leaves her with no choice but to marry Nico—a man with dangerous secrets. A passion that consumes them both.

Thrust into a world she knows nothing of, Cordelia finds herself falling in love with a man who claims to be a vampire. As their passion grows, so does the danger around them and Nico will have to call on all of his powers to protect the one thing he has realized he cannot live without: his opinionated, infuriating, and thoroughly delectable wife.

Let's kick Burning Up July off with an awesome giveaway! Melissa Schroeder is graciously giving away a choice of ebook OR print of POSSESSION and A LITTLE HARMLESS FASCINATION. Open to everyone!

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UTC Insider: Burning Up July 2012

JULY IS HERE AND WE ARE BURNING THINGS UP...AGAIN! Welcome to Under the Covers's Burning Up July, an erotica special event!

Author Appearances
Melissa Schroeder, Tori St. Claire, Lexxie Couper, Leia Shaw, Cat Johnson, Roni Loren, Jayne Rylon, Mari Carr, Eve Langlais, Jasmine Haynes, Beth Kery, E.R. Pierce, Stacey Kennedy, Beth Williamson, Desireee Holt, Cathryn Fox/Mackenzie Mackade/Nikki Duncan, Cherise Sinclair, Jodi Redford, Kallypso Masters, Benjamin Russell, Shiloh Walker/Sylvia Day, Sherri Hayes, Lexi Blake, Colette Gale

Battle of the Covers
The sexiest and hottest covers will battle it out this month for the hottest cover!

Doms Dungeon
Last year Jack Cole was crowned our first Ultimate Dom during out Burning Up July event.  This year you nominated Logan Edgington (Belong to Me by Shayla Black), Adam Montague (Nobody's Hero by Kallypso Masters), Master Marcus (Make Me, Sir by Cherise Sinclair) and Christian Grey (Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James).  Read them and vote and find out who wins at the end of this month!

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Rosie Hong

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Tia (Leni)

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Zina Lynch

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Lisa Hackney

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Review: Try Me by Olivia Cunning

Try Me
by Olivia Cunning
(One Night with Sole Regret # 1)

Hot rock stars? Check.  Tats? Check.  Sexy piercings? Check.  A panty-melting smile? Check.  We fell in love with Ms. Cunning Sinners on Tour and we finally have a new book by her again.  But oh the tease!  Yes, this is a short story.  And this is a completely different band.  But do you see me complaining?  Well, maybe just the fact that I wanted more, more, more!

Gabe, aka Force, is the drummer of Sole Regret.  And sometimes he is just too tired to deal with the groupies they have hanging around after a concert.  But one girl catches his eye.  And she looks nothing like a groupie, especially when she says no to lead singer Shade.

Melanie had pretty much been dragged there by her friend Nikki, who is a groupie and who just wants to nail Shade.  Tats and piercings scare her, she never though she would go for a guy like these rockstars until she stumbles across Gabe.  And then holy hell sparks starts going off like Fourth of July between them.

This is the perfect little read to heat up a summer afternoon ;)  Be sure to check this one out and be like me... on the lookout for the next Sole Regret fix!

Purchase Links: Amazon

Review: Shadow Bound by Rachel Vincent

4.5 Feathers
Shadow Bound
by Rachel Vincent
(Unbound # 2)

The thing I have come to realize about why I love Rachel Vincent's writing is that she can create wonderful, elaborate worlds that are very descriptive and manage to suck you right into the story.  For the few hours you read one of her books it feels as if you are being transported there.

When I read BLOOD BOUND, the first book in this series, it was as very few books I've read before.  A totally unique concept, characters that I came to care about quickly and a plot that grip me from the first page.   I was left wondering where the story would go, and also wondering about the change in POV to another "couple", which is not usual in a UF series.

SHADOW BOUND definitely didn't disappoint!  I have to admit that this book caught my attention from the beginning and it was totally un.put.downable!  What a ride!!

The first thing I have to mention about this book is that for urban fantasy book, this felt like it straddled that line between a UF and a paranormal romance.  Even though there wasn't a lot of actual romancing happening, the sexual tension and attraction between Kori and Ian was constant.  Sparks flying anytime they were together.

The syndicates work a lot like the mafia, just that they are a bit magical or gifted.  Kori, a shadow walker, had helped in the battle against her syndicate boss, Jake Tower, at the end of BLOOD BOUND.  She has paid dearly for that.  Reduced to a broken, damaged female, who is hanging on by a thread and with the only motivation of protecting her sister, she is assigned one task.

To bring in a new recruit, Ian Holt, to the Tower syndicate.  But Ian has his own agenda and he's just playing Tower.  His goal.... to kill Kori's sister.  And the plot thickens!

So let me tell you about Kori.  I loved her character.  Her devotion to her sister from the moment and reason why she became involved with the syndicate, to her loyalty as much as possible to her friends, the way she rebelled against Tower if she was able.  For her to still be standing and fighting tooth and nail after what she had to go through and be able to deal with feeling loved at probably the worst and best moment in her life at the same time.  She opened up, she trusted.

Ian was also amazing!  Loved his ability or power.  He was perfectly matched for Kori because he has the same love and loyalty as she does.  He is taking the ultimate risk for his family, and then for love.  He was playful but also determined.  And once he was determined he went for what he wanted and made it happen.  No matter the ugly and high cost.

This book had a bit of everything, bad guys doing bad things, good guys doing bad things, and also some good in between for good measure.  Again... I can't wait for the next in this series!!!  For sure my favorite Rachel Vincent series yet!

Purchase Links: Amazon | Barnes and Noble

Review: Tempt Me at Twilight by Lisa Kleypas

Tempt Me at Twilight
by Lisa Kleypas
(The Hathaways # 3)

The magical writing that I've come to love is back 100% with this book!  With a hero who is an insensitive jerk at times, damaged from when he was a boy, with money but not much else.  So not what I was expecting for our sweet Poppy Hathaway, but oh so perfect!

After having two gipsy heroes, it was time to go back to London and what I thought would be a more traditional match.  And that's how I thought this would go since Poppy was in love, and secretly seeing Michael Bayning.  He had everything a girl could've asked for, came from a good family, did all the right things for Poppy to fall in love with him, except being out in the open about their courtship.  Because of course his father wouldn't approve.

But Harry Rutledge, owner of the famous London Rutledge Hotel, saw Poppy and was enthralled.  He had to have her, and if that required using some forced methods and a convenient and timely proposal, then so be it.  Harry was, as he best described himself, the villain.  It's a true testament to the amazing quality of Lisa Kleypas writing when she can turn what should've been an arrogant, manipulative bastard into a man you want to cuddle and take care of and you are rooting for his happiness and that he gets the girl.  There's just something about this type of hero in a Kleypas novel that makes him unforgettable.

While Poppy might not be my favorite Hathaway sister, she certainly was sweet and did what she thought was right for herself and her family, and in the process she fell out of what she thought was love and fell for a complicated man who needed a soft woman like her to treasure him and make him fell cherished.

A perfect couple and a perfect historical romance story!  Soft yet rough around the edges.

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Review: Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout

(Lux #1)
by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Although I haven’t read as many YA titles this year, I know that OBSIDIAN is a gem. First off, I want to thank Miss Vain from Miss Vain’s Paranormal Fantasy for recommending this book to me. She was livid about it, absolutely obsessed with the series and I wondered why. When she told me it was about aliens, I made a sour face because aliens just aren’t sexy. And I like sexy. But Miss Vain reassured me that Daemon and the rest of the Luxen weren’t your typical aliens and what do you know, she was right! I’m so glad I read this book because now I can ugly cry with Miss Vain until the next book in the series comes out.

When Katy moves to a new town, she immediately notices the hot guy next door. With otherworldly green eyes, dark tousled hair and a wicked grin, Daemon Black is the hottest thing to hit Katy’s retinas. But what she doesn’t know is that Daemon and his sister, Dee harbor a deadly little secret. And Daemon does everything in his power to keep that secret from being exposed to anyone.

Unfortunately, events lead to Katy and Dee becoming best friends and suddenly, Daemon is all up in Katy’s grill, warning her to back off and stay away from his sister. Now, I have to admit that I found Daemon to be a complete jerk to Katy. He says and does things to her that are humiliating and unforgivable, but Armentrout writes Daemon in such a way that you don’t want to immediately bitch slap him in the larynx for the things he does. The reason is because dangers lurk in every corner and as a being of light, a trace is left on humans if they have too much exposure to their kind. Daemon is just protecting his family, especially his sister Dee. So while a part of me wants to yell at him for being a jerkoff, another part of me can understand why he acts the way he does. In the prequel to the series, SHADOWS, you get to see the exact reason why he is protective of his kin.

Armentrout does a fantastic job with Daemon’s character. She is able to straddle the line, making him seem like a jerk one second, causing you to get red in the face with anger, but the next second, that redness turns into a blush because Daemon is a charmer. I have to give kudos to any author who is able to make me love and hate their hero in equal measures.

Speaking of loving characters, I have to mention just how much I adore Katy. As a seventeen year old, she is open-minded and smart, but just like any teen, she also wants to fit in. I loved that despite the fact that she was the victim of bullying, she didn’t stand down. She used that smart mouth on her and stood up for herself. I also love the fact that she held her ground against Daemon, who can be just a PITA. Another thing I loved about Katy is that she is a book blogger, so automatically she is in the cool club. Because, yeah, book bloggers are AWE-SOME. I’m not biased. At. All.

There’s a great amount of action and suspense that really drove the plot forward and I found myself devouring this book. And when I wasn’t reading, I was texting Miss Vain messages about how I was devouring this book.

 Some of you probably want to know how sexy this book is compared to others. Since it is YA, it’s not overly sexual, but Daemon is a stud and he oozes his sex appeal that is undeniable. There are a couple of hot and heavy scenes that would probably fog up the windows. So yeah, take that how you will.

The only thing I wished there was more of was the explanation of the Luxen and how they are able to manipulate light. The author explains it briefly, but I felt like she just said, “This is how it is and that is that.” But I guess if you’re a YA reader, you don’t care about the scientific stuff.

In the end, I loved this book. It was serious brain candy. Give me some more horny aliens!
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Friday 29 June 2012

Samhain Nights: MOIRA ROGERS

Moira Rogers

It's the last day of Samhain Nights, but don't be sad! We've got the awesome writing team, Moira Rogers here with us today! We got a chance to ask them some questions so here's how that went down!

You're a writing duo and some readers don't even know this fact because the writing is so smooth in your books. How do you go about working together? Do each of you have your own tasks? 

Donna: Thanks so much! With regards to writing, Bree and I don't trade off chapters or anything like that. We split up the characters at the outset of plotting--"okay, this hero's mine, the heroine's yours, now let's take a look at secondaries." That way, each of us gets to handle the development of a character, start to finish. After that, we send manuscripts back and forth constantly, adding a sentence or a paragraph each time.

Bree: After the book is done is where we divide up tasks. Donna handles the manuscript formatting, polishing and editing. I do the administrative work and handle promotion, including making our graphics and promotional materials and managing our website.

What would you say is the best part of working together as a team? What is the worst aspect? 

Donna: The best thing is definitely that being a working writer isn't lonely for us the way it is for many. There's always someone who knows what I'm going through! And the worst part? When our vision of something doesn't exactly line up. Then it's compromise time.

Bree: Yes. The best part is that I always have someone to be excited with when things are going well. The worst part is that I always have someone to be depressed with when things are going poorly. I mean, sometimes that can be good...but sometimes twice the misery is just...twice the misery. ;)

Can you please describe what a brainstorming session between you two would look like? 

Donna: Haha, hours of phone chatter or IMs with tons of "what if...". Interspersed with lots of Jeremy Renner pictures.

Bree: Yes. We talk on the phone a lot. I think, during a school month, we might spend three or four hours on the phone every day. At least. We talk about characters, their pasts, their motivations, their arcs and all the evil things we can do to to them.

What Moira Rogers book are you most proud of and please tell us why this book and/or series has your heart?

Donna: I think I'm definitely proud of all of our series for different reasons. I love Southern Arcana because the characters feel so real to me. I've "known" them for years, and seeing them struggle and triumph is so satisfying. I love the Bloodhounds because they're filthy and heroic and their world is kind of insane and cracky.

Bree: I love Hammer Down. It's probably our most obscure book, and a bit unconventional as to genre, but I loved the complicated world we created and the story we told. We worked hard on that book and I'm really proud of it.

If we were unforgivably rude and pulled at random five things from your hand bag, what would we find? 

Donna: My wallet, Advil, a signing pen, my business card holder, and some old movie tickets.

Bree: Would you believe I don't have a hand bag? I throw my wallet & keys into a Samhain Publishing tote bag if I have to go somewhere. True story. (But when I used to carry a backpack around, it would have books, Advil, books, my wallet and more books. Now I guess it'd just have my kindle. *g*)

You have a couple of releases coming up, ARCHER'S LADY in July and IMPULSE in September. What can readers expect from these? 

Bree: ARCHER'S LADY, like all the Bloodhound books, is a little shorter, a lot dirtier, and full of action, adventure, mad scientists, explosions and vampires. IMPULSE is a little longer, and full of paranormal politics alongside the supernatural loving. But both have happy endings. :)

What is your favorite thing about being a Samhain author?

Bree: The freedom to decide what I want to write without worrying that a good story will be turned away because it's quirky or a little outside what's popular.

Donna: The freedom, definitely. The staff. And my editor!

It's a warm summer's night and you are free to do anything you want! What would you do and who would you spend it with? 

Bree: Read a good book or snuggle with my hubby.

Donna: That's a nice time to hit up an outdoor concert or head over to Sloss Furnace for a ghost walk!

Stalk Moira Rogers
Moira Rogers is graciously giving away a copy of Wilder's Mate in ebook.

Wilder Harding is a bloodhound, created by the Guild to hunt down and kill vampires on America's frontier. His enhanced abilities come with a high price: on the full moon, he becomes capable of savagery beyond telling, while the new moon brings a sexual hunger that borders on madness.

Rescuing a weapons inventor from undead kidnappers is just another assignment, though one with an added complication--keeping his hands off the man's pretty young apprentice, who insists on tagging along.

At odds with polite society, Satira's only constant has been the aging weapons inventor who treats her like a daughter. She isn't going to trust Wilder with Nathaniel's life, not when the Guild might decide the old man isn't worth saving. Besides, if there's one thing she's learned, it's that brains are more important than brawn.

 As the search stretches far longer than Wilder planned, he finds himself fighting against time. If Satira is still at his side when the new moon comes, nothing will stop him from claiming her. Worse, she seems all too willing. If their passion unlocks the beast inside, no one will be safe. Not even the man they're fighting to save.

Warning: This book contains a crude, gun-slinging, vampire-hunting hero who howls at the full moon and a smart, stubborn heroine who invents mad-scientist weapons. Also included: wild frontier adventures, brothels, danger, betrayal and a good dose of wicked loving in an alternate Wild West.

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June 2012 Monthly Wrap Up

Author of the Month: Shayla Black
Thank you to Shayla Black for the most generous giveaways we've ever had from an author! We hope you enjoyed Black's weekly giveaways and hope that we have enticed you enough to check out some of her amazing books!  She has so much to offer no matter what you like to read, either as Shayla Black or as Shelley Bradley!

Reading on the Dark Side: Doomsday Brethren
WARNING: HOT PICS ARE PRESENT! Yep, it's true. You may need an inhaler after reading this post. There are some smokin' hot bodies in this casting!

Battle of the Covers: Shelley Bradley Old Vs. New
Shayla Black has an alter ego in the name of Shelley Bradley. You can vote for her new or older historical romance covers here.

Author Appearances:
Again, we are thankful for all the wonderful authors and publishers who helped make June an amazing month here at UTC! For a recap of what went down, please see below:

Jaye Wells
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Cindy Gerard
Larissa Ione
Katie Reus
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Amanda Bonilla
Erin McCarthy
Vivien Arend
Vicki Pettersson
Benedict Jacka
Marissa Day
Tigris Eden
Eden Bradley
Kelly Jamieson
Virginia Kantra
Gena Showalter
Darcy Burke
Cynthia Eden
Carrie Lofty
Emma Lang

Samhain Nights:
Special thanks to Samhain Publishing and their wonderful authors for making our Samhain Nights event a success! Here's a quick recap of those interviews:

Karen Erickson
NJ Walters
Natasha Moore
Vonna Harper
Cathryn Cade
Moira Rogers

Blog Hops!
Lovestruck Blog Hop: Thanks for Bona Fide Book Reflections for co-hosting the LOVESTRUCK blog hop with us! We had a blast and we hope you came across some new followers and authors!

Don't forget we are hosting another July blog hop. Sign-ups are still open!

Blog Tours:
This month, we hosted our first ever blog tour with the amazing girls at Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews! Thanks to all participating blogs and Lorelei James for making Stetsons and Smexin' with Tell blog tour a success!

Dom's Dungeon
The readers have spoken!!! We asked YOU who you think is the Ultimate Dom and the votes are in! See you made the final round of Dom's Dungeon here.

What's Next?
Stay tuned, maidens because we have a hotter than hell event coming your away in July! For a second year we've decided to bring you an all erotic romance month....BURNING UP JULY IS HERE!

ARC Review: Defiant by Pamela Clare

by Pamela Clare
(MacKinnon's Rangers # 3)

I have to be honest, I have finished this book a few weeks back but procrastinated on writing the review. I feared that no amount of words would explain my feelings about this book. I know this to be true, so, I will keep it simple. This book is EPIC and I LOVED it!!!

Connor is the third, youngest and the last Mackinnon brother to work for Lord William Wentworth during the French/British and Indian war. Still under Wentworth’s blackmail, Connor and his close friend Joseph were sent on a mission. They were to rescue Lady Sarah from the Swanee Indians and if needed by all means necessary. Despite Connor’s hate for Wentworth, his loyalty to his brothers and the rangers has him following orders. And as it goes; everything happens for a reason…he meets Sarah, the very uptight Lady who will change his life forever.

Sarah, has inadvertently caused a scandal for her family and herself. As a last resort, she is headed to see her uncle William for advice. But on her long journey, she is taken for the pure reason of retribution. Sadly, it is one of the unavoidable tragedies of any war.

Connor and Sarah's coming together were not at the most romantic but despite the terrible consequence their love for each other just came through for them.

The love, devotion and hard work that were put in to this book shows with every page that was written. The research and the knowledge of the time setting are detailed and well incorporated into the story. But what drew me in is the empathy I felt while I read this book. I practically TRAVELED BACK IN TIME! I saw their surroundings in detail. I saw what the characters were doing and felt their emotions as if I were there. I remember Sarah’s fear and pain when the Indians captured her. I even felt the pain and understood the reasons of the Swanee’s hatred. Connors bravery and love for Sarah was sigh inducing. Joseph friendship and the Ranger/Mckinnon brothers' comraderie were definitely awe inpiring. Wenworths dichotomy of hate and love towards the brothers…well, now that, is exactly what I felt for him. I hated him with a passion and loved him for what he truly is, deep, deep, deep inside. Though this is the third of the trilogy, I am hopeful that this is not the last we see of the MacKinnons. I certainly would like to know more of Lord Wentworth and Joseph. 

*ARC provided by author

Purchase Links: Amazon | Barnes and Noble