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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Review: Try Me by Olivia Cunning

Try Me
by Olivia Cunning
(One Night with Sole Regret # 1)

Hot rock stars? Check.  Tats? Check.  Sexy piercings? Check.  A panty-melting smile? Check.  We fell in love with Ms. Cunning Sinners on Tour and we finally have a new book by her again.  But oh the tease!  Yes, this is a short story.  And this is a completely different band.  But do you see me complaining?  Well, maybe just the fact that I wanted more, more, more!

Gabe, aka Force, is the drummer of Sole Regret.  And sometimes he is just too tired to deal with the groupies they have hanging around after a concert.  But one girl catches his eye.  And she looks nothing like a groupie, especially when she says no to lead singer Shade.

Melanie had pretty much been dragged there by her friend Nikki, who is a groupie and who just wants to nail Shade.  Tats and piercings scare her, she never though she would go for a guy like these rockstars until she stumbles across Gabe.  And then holy hell sparks starts going off like Fourth of July between them.

This is the perfect little read to heat up a summer afternoon ;)  Be sure to check this one out and be like me... on the lookout for the next Sole Regret fix!

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Landry Breaux said...

I haven't read any work by this author yet but this sounds like a hot read. Thanks for the review!

The Brunette Librarian said...

Olivia Cunning is awesome :) I had been waiting for this book this month and somehow I forgot it! I checked in early June...and guess I forgot to check again. Great review, I just picked it up from Barnes & Noble. Very excited!! Have you read her other rock star series, VERY good!!

Thanks for the heads up :) Guess what I'm reading this week????

Unknown said...

@Landry, hope you try her out ;)

@Brunette Librarian, glad I reminded you! And yes, I've read her other books, all of them actually. Impatiently waiting for Trey's! Enjoy!


Timitra said...

I will definitely check this one out-thanks Francesca!

Susan W. said...

I recently found Olivia's book through a blog hop. I'm excited to read each of her books!